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Emma Antunes

Emma Kolstad Antunes is an IT Specialist for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s Office of the Chief Information Officer. An early adopter, she has been the Center’s Web Manager since 1995, and also serves as the lead for NASA’s Web Managers group. In this role, she is responsible for technology expertise, web policy and governance, and community leadership. Emma has pushed for the web to be seen not simply as a communications medium, but as a powerful tool for business transformation. Her passion is information management and collaboration. Emma holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Boston University.

Jeremy Ashkenas
Jeremy Ashkenas (DocumentCloud)

Jeremy is the lead developer of DocumentCloud, an open-source
repository of documents contributed by journalists and non-profits.
DocumentCloud was a winner of the 2009 Knight News Challenge. He works
on the Ruby-Processing project for software art, placed in two Apps
for America competitions, and lives and works in New York City.

Philip Ashlock
Philip Ashlock (, General Services Administration), @philipashlock

Phil currently helps drive various civic tech initiatives at The Open Planning Project. Previously he had served as a web developer at Western Washington University where he also received his BA in Design.

Dave Augustine
Dave Augustine (WestEd)

Dave Augustine is a web/multimedia developer at WestEd, a non-profit educational research organization. Dave is passionate about technology and the web, and strives to be on the forefront of the web development world. A coder with a love of the more visual side of things, he mostly concerns himself with the areas of usability, accessibility, clean code and design. He is one of three developers of govpulse, an Apps for America 2 finalist.

Prior to joining WestEd, Dave was employed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a multimedia consultant in the Digital Media Center, teaching professors, faculty, and staff how to integrate multimedia into their classrooms; he was also a technology consultant for the Center for Biology Education. Dave received a Bachelor of Science... Read More.

Claire Bailey
Claire Bailey (Arkansas Department of Information Systems )

Claire Bailey is the Agency Director of the Arkansas Department of Information Systems (DIS) and the Arkansas Chief Technology Officer. As DIS Director, Ms. Bailey leads more than 250 information technology (IT) professionals responsible for the state network, telecommunications services, and information systems. She has 18 years of experience in state government and more than 22 years of experience in IT.

Ms. Bailey has directed DIS’ security program efforts, including the establishment of firewall and related security measures. She has also focused on providing customer centric services, realigned financial processes to focus on compliance with state and federal regulations, as well as leading the implementation of a new IT billing system for customers across the State of Arkansas. Under Ms. Bailey’s leadership, Read More.

Kim Balassiano (USEPA)

Kim Balassiano is an Information Management Specialist with EPA’s Office of Environmental Information (OEI). Kim has been with OEI since 2007, and she spent the prior 14 years in the private sector as a GIS and spatial analysis specialist, primarily supporting EPA. Her work has always been in spatial analysis and in developing IT solutions that leverage spatial technologies. Kim also worked for two years with a remote sensing company (3001, Inc.). She received her Master’s degree in Geography from UNC-Chapel Hill and has an undergraduate degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University. Kim directed the development of the Watershed Wiki component of Watershed Central and has been a leader in bringing Web 2.0 infrastructure to EPA. EPA... Read More.

Ben Berkowitz
Ben Berkowitz (SeeClickFix)

Ben Berkowitz is the Founder/CEO of SeeClickFix a free web service that allows anyone to report local problems and collaborate to solve them. He is the founder of a neighborhood association district, the Upper State Street Association, and was named New Haven Town Green’s 2008 Collaborator of the Year.

John Bordeaux
John Bordeaux (Bordeaux & Associates LLC), @jbordeaux

John developed 28 years of experience working on issues of national security and knowledge management. His work has focused on Organizational Informatics, where he has explored the role of information and communication systems in organizations.

Most recently, Dr. Bordeaux served as the Director of Knowledge Innovation for the Stupski Foundation, a private operating Foundation based in San Francisco and focused on improving college and life readiness for children of poverty and color. John led the Foundation’s knowledge management and organizational learning efforts. As director of Knowledge Innovation, John developed systems and practices to manage knowledge, assess impact and foster learning within the foundation, among a network of partners, and for the client state and district leaders.

Prior to this position John was Chief Knowledge Officer... Read More.

Tina Cariola (Transportation Security Administration)

Tina Cariola is the current Program Manager for the IdeaFactory within the Office of the Deputy Administrator. Ms. Cariola has been with TSA for 6 years, and has focused on internal stakeholder relations for the majority of her career. Before the IdeaFactory, Ms. Cariola was involved with TSA’s eGov office, where she helped with TSA’s effort to streamline IT platforms for multiple uses, focusing on application for end-users to make sure they had appropriate tools to meet their needs. Prior to TSA, Ms. Cariola was a consultant specializing in customer relationship management. Ms. Cariola holds a B.S. from the University of Notre Dame, and an M.B.A from the University of Maryland.

George Clack
George Clack (Bureau of International Information Programs, U.S. State Department)

George Clack is director of the Office of Publications in the State Department’s Bureau of International Information Programs. Each year, his staff of editors, graphic designers, Web editor/designers, and copyright experts produces 80 to 100 print and Internet publications for distribution through U.S. embassies to foreign audiences. This content focuses on explaining U.S. policies and on presenting fundamental American values.

Among the publications he has edited are: Abraham Lincoln: A Legacy of Freedom; Being Muslim in America; Focus on Intellectual Property Rights; Handbook of Independent Journalism; Writers on America; and Outline of the U.S. Economy. He also serves as creative director for the monthly Internet magazine eJournal USA.

In the last year his work on this inherently “old media” mission has morphed into an... Read More.

Noel Dickover
Noel Dickover (Department of Defense Chief Information Officer (DoD CIO), Commercial Technologies & Systems Directorate (contractor)), @NoelDickover

Mr. Dickover has over eighteen years professional experience focused on all
aspects of human performance technology. His areas of expertise include:
social software/Web 2.0 strategy & implementation, communities of practice
cultivation, performance centered learning, performance centered design,
usability design, work culture transformation, and group-based facilitation.
He has an MS degree in Cybernetics and General Systems Theory focusing on
organizational change and a bachelors degree in Anthropology. Mr. Dickover
has employed his requirements analysis expertise to design successful social
software implementations, large scale government knowledge sharing sites and
WBT applications. More recently, Mr. Dickover has supported the DoD CIO in
planning, prototyping, designing and socializing DoDTechipedia, including
overcoming government 2.0 policy barriers.

Brian Drake
Brian Drake (Deloitte Consulting), @thedrake

Brian Drake is a Manager and social software evangelist with Deloitte Consulting. He advises government and commercial clients on a wide variety of collaboration solutions that span behavioral, technical, and organizational change dynamics. His client focus areas include strategy development, communications, change management, and Enterprise 2.0 solutions. He presently serves a U.S. Federal Government client on the Collaboration Consulting Team. He is one of the founders of D-Wiki; Deloitte’s global enterprise wiki.

Amanda Eamich
Amanda Eamich (U.S. Department of Agriculture), @amandare

Amanda is the Director of New Media for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The policies and programs of the USDA impact the lives of Americans every day – from food, agriculture, and science to natural resources – and there is an ever–present opportunity to communicate our mission effectively using new media.

As Director of New Media, she provides strategic guidance to the Office of the Secretary and coordinates efforts of the Department’s seven mission areas and 17 agencies. In support of the Department’s mission, she has helped enhance the relationship between public affairs, web and IT professionals to collaboratively design and implement new media programs and products.

Hillary Hartley

Hillary Hartley is the Director of Integrated Marketing for NIC Inc. – the largest provider of outsourced eGovernment portals and services, currently serving 25 states and hundreds of local governments in the United States. Hillary works with teams to integrate both traditional marketing and design best practices, along with Web 2.0 technology and social media strategies. She also created and oversees NIC’s successful partner portal, an exclusive resource for eGovernment leaders across the country.

In 2004, Hillary led the team that created – the first nationwide polling place lookup site launched during the November general election.

A frequent speaker at government technology events, Hillary also blogs the Gov 2.0 beat for Stowe Boyd’s /Ground project and Pistachio Consulting’s Touchbase... Read More.

Clay Johnson
Clay Johnson (

Clay Johnson is the author of The Information Diet: A Case for Conscious Consumption, and director of engagement for Expert Labs. He was the co-founder of Blue State Digital, the firm that built and managed Barack Obama’s online campaign for the presidency in 2008. After leaving Blue State, Johnson was the director of Sunlight Labs at the Sunlight Foundation, where he built an army of 2000 developers and designers to build open source tools to give people greater access to government data. He was awarded the Google/O’Reilly Open Source Organizer of the year in 2009, was one of Federal Computing Week’s Fed 100 in 2010, and won the CampaignTech Innovator award in 2011.

Johnson’s combination of experience as a developer, working in politics, entrepreneurism,... Read More.

Donald Jones
Donald Jones (Booz Allen Hamilton), @oleandros

Donald Jones is a senior consultant and “social technologist” at Booz Allen Hamilton currently supporting the Military Health System Office of Health Affairs through web strategy and social media. Mr. Jones has also developed social media solutions for the Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Organization (ATO) Leading Edge 2.0 initiative, intended to foster leadership development, open communication, and improved onboarding within the ATO. Prior to joining Booz Allen, Mr. Jones guided design, web and information technology strategies at the Georgetown University Health Policy Institute. Mr. Jones received a Masters of Arts in Communication, Culture and Technology from Georgetown University, where he focused on issues of identity within the virtual world Second Life.

Melissa  Jordan
Melissa Jordan (Bay Area Rapid Transit), @sfbart

Melissa Jordan has worked at BART as senior marketing representative since June 2008. Her areas of responsibility include content management for the website and development of BART’s social web strategy. She produces BART’s Twitter feed at and blogs at Before joining BART, she spent two decades as a reporter and editor for news organizations including The Associated Press and the San Jose Mercury News. She is a graduate of Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and the University of Georgia.

Rita King
Rita King (IBM Analytics Virtual Center), @ritajking

Rita J. King is CEO and Creative Director of Dancing Ink Productions, a strategic creative content development and research company dedicated to the emergence of a new global culture and economy in the Imagination Age — defined by creative use of digital technology to inhabit ideas, facilitate new dialogue and collaborate on solutions to challenging issues. Rita works globally across platforms to produce creative mixed media, mixed-reality events, research projects, broadcasts and related products.

Rita is a Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, where she and Joshua S. Fouts recently completed the “Understanding Islam through Virtual Worlds” project that spanned four continents as well as the digital culture. She is a storyteller and a documentarian, the author of the... Read More.

Michael Knapp
Michael Knapp (

Michael Knapp, Ph.D. founded in 2000, and is a co-owner and the Managing Director. He specializes in web-based application development, and has managed the development of dozens of environmental, educational, and public health applications. Prior to founding GreenRiver,org, Michael was Director of Product Development at EdsUp, a web application development and consulting company specializing in the development of online educational environments. Michael was trained as an applied biostatistician, conducting statistical analyses and working with spatial data. Michael received his Ph.D. in Environmental Health Management from Yale University in 1998. His dissertation involved the integration and analysis of spatial and relational data.

Peter Koht
Peter Koht (City of Santa Cruz)

Peter Koht is the economic development coordinator at the City of Santa Cruz. Prior to this, he headed the Arts Commission at the City of Santa Cruz, was an account manager at Good Times Santa Cruz and taught at San Francisco State University and University of California, Santa Cruz. Peter currently serves on the board of Santa Cruz Next and Central Coast Public Radio.

Jeffrey Levy
Jeffrey Levy (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Jeffrey Levy is EPA’s Director of Web Communications, leading the team that oversees and guides Web content. He has helped set EPA Web standards and trained the Web community on everything from home page design to how to write a blog post. His team’s latest efforts focus on learning how to use different social media tools, including projects like Pick 5 for the Environment.

Jeffrey represents EPA on the Federal Web Managers Council. On behalf of the Council, he co-chairs the Social Media Subcouncil, which helps agencies at all levels use social media well. Jeffrey discusses social media and the government on Twitter and in his blog.

Steve Lunceford

Steve Lunceford is a communications strategist for Deloitte’s Public Sector, a leading provider of consulting services to U.S. Federal and state/local governments. Mr. Lunceford has 20 years experience in media relations and corporate communications, working with key international, U.S., local and trade media on behalf of firms such as Sprint, Choice Hotels International, BearingPoint, RadioShack and the NFL. He has broad-based expertise in corporate positioning and raising awareness for brands and business/consumer products and services; from enterprise IT and wireless, to federal contracts, broadband and hospitality/travel. Mr. Lunceford is an expert in crisis communications planning and execution, and is an evangelist for the use of new media technologies to help achieve traditional communications objectives. He is the founder of, the first... Read More.

Dan Luxenberg is the Web 2.0 / Social Media lead in the Office of Web Communications for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Dan is responsible for spearheading the Agency’s use of social media and he is active in developing guidance, governance, and implementation methodologies for the use of Web 2.0 technologies and social media in FDA’s communication strategies.

Prior to FDA, Dan served as the Director of Internet Services for Circle Solutions, Inc. At Circle, he led Internet development and communications efforts for a number of government agency clients including the National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases; the National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive, and Kidney Diseases; and the Health Resources and Services Administration. He served as project director for... Read More.

Joan McIntyre (Office of the Director of National Intelligence)

Joan McIntyre is the Program Manger for Collaboration Strategies in the ODNI/A Analytic Transformation and Technology Office. She leads the Collaboration Consulting Team and works closely with colleagues across the Intelligence Community to guide the development of A-Space and the delivery of collaboration and analytic tools to meet the needs of the analytic community and to promote the transformational changes to create a culture of collaboration and an integrated Intelligence Community. She has over 25 years as an analyst in the Intelligence Community, mostly in the CIA, working economic issues related to the Soviet Union and former Soviet States and global economic issues. She has also served as a tradecraft instructor in the CIA’s Kent School.

Dan Mintz

Daniel Mintz currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer for the Civil and Health Services Group at CSC. In this role, he serves as a strategic thought leader to ensure that the right combination of technology and services are brought to bear in support of CSC’s key government customers. He is responsible for providing overall technology leadership for the Group, identifying key current and future customer requirements, and interfacing with CSC’s industry leading technologists and scientists.

Previously, Mr. Mintz served as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the United States Department of Transportation (DOT). As CIO, Mintz served as the principal advisor to the Secretary on matters involving information resources and information services management. Mintz came to DOT from Sun... Read More.

Jeff Nigbur
Jeff Nigbur (Utah Department of Public Safety)

Sergeant Jeff Nigbur is the lead Public Information Officer for the Utah Department of Public Safety. He oversees public information activities for all divisions within the department, including the Utah Highway Patrol, Utah State Crime Lab, Driver License Division, Bureau of Criminal Identification, Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), Utah Division of Homeland Security and the State Fire Marshal. Jeff has had the opportunity to deal with many high profile cases such as the Crandall Canyon Mine Disaster, Milford Flat Fire, the Jared Massey Tasing, the USU Van Roll-Over and many other media / awareness campaigns. Jeff received his Associates of Science degree in Criminal Justice in 2004 from the Salt Lake Community College. He also has a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice... Read More.

Tim O'Reilly
Tim O'Reilly (O'Reilly Media, Inc.), @timoreilly

Tim has a history of convening conversations that reshape the industry. In 1998, he organized the meeting where the term “open source software” was agreed on, and helped the business world understand its importance. In 2004, with the Web 2.0 Summit, he defined how “Web 2.0” represented not only the resurgence of the web after the dot com bust, but a new model for the computer industry, based on big data, collective intelligence, and the internet as a platform. In 2009, with his “Gov 2.0 Summit,” he framed a conversation about the modernization of government technology that has shaped policy and spawned initiatives at the Federal, State, and local level, and around the world. He has now turned his attention to implications of the on-demand... Read More.

Joseph Porcelli
Joseph Porcelli (Neighbors for Neighbors, Inc.), @josephporcelli

About me: I am a breakthrough online and offline community builder.

Work: I just wrapped up serving as the Director on Online Operations and Partnerships for Be the Change, Inc., a lead convener of ServiceNation which just passed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act!

Projects: I’m the founder and organizer of Neighbors For Neighbors, Inc., co-founder and organizer of The Mug Project (winner of Mayor Menino’s 2009 Green Residential Waste Reduction Champion Award) and founder and organizer of The Nametag Project.

Personal Mission: To connect, support, and inspire people (and organizations) to realize the difference they can make when they take action, work together, and leverage social media.

Kelly Pretzer (San Francisco, Office of Economic and Workforce Development), @kellypretzer

Kelly Pretzer is the Project Manager for New Media, IT and Clean Technology in the Office of Economic and Workforce Development for the City and County of San Francisco.

Joe Pringle
Joe Pringle (Forum One), @joepringle

Joe has over 10 years experience leading web projects focused on communications strategy, knowledge management, and online community building. He has consulted for a wide range of clients including the federal government, nonprofit organizations, foundations, industry associations, and the private sector and has work experience in 10 countries in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

He holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Washington and Lee University and an M.S. from the School of Public Health at the University of North Carolina.

Steve Radick
Steve Radick (Booz Allen Hamilton), @sradick

I’m currently a Lead Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton, a global strategy and technology consulting firm. I’m one of the leads for our social media/Government 2.0 practice, working with clients across the public sector to integrate social media strategies and tactics into their organizational strategies.

My background in change management, strategic communications, and stakeholder engagement strategy and implementation means that I focus not only on the technology and infrastructure aspects of social media, but perhaps more importantly, on the people and processes that really determine the success of social media and Government 2.0. One of my favorite sayings is that “it’s not about the technology, but what the technology enables.”

I was recently named one of PRNews’ 15 to Watch for in 2009 and was... Read More.

Chris Rasmussen
Chris Rasmussen (U.S. Intelligence Community)

The United States Intelligence Community (IC) has made tremendous strides over the last several years with the introduction of a wide range of social software tools such as wikis, blogs, user tagging services, and social networking services for knowledge management and information sharing. Mr. Rasmussen was instrumental in pioneering this initial push, but now believes it’s time to take it to the next level.

Social software-based knowledge creation is still often viewed as “good for collaboration but not the product.” Intelligence agencies still primarily vet and disseminate “their” snapshot products—often with overlap. Mr. Rasmussen evangelizes for a move toward a “living intelligence” model where a range of information is mixed together in a transparent common space and the intelligence topic is constantly updated. Living intelligence,... Read More.

Steve Ressler
Steve Ressler (, @govloop

Steve Ressler is an accomplished innovator, presenter, and author on matters related to Gov 2.0 and recruiting/retaining young government employees. Mr. Ressler is the founder of, a “Facebook for Government” which connects and foster collaboration among over 11,000 members of the government community including federal, state, local, and international government innovators. Steve is also the co-founder of Young Government Leaders, a professional organization of over 2,000 government employees across the U.S. Mr. Ressler received the 2007 and 2009 Federal 100 Award for his service in the government IT community. He is a 2004 master’s graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and a past recipient of the DHS Graduate Fellowship.

Rob Rhyne
Rob Rhyne (Digital Arch Design), @capttaco

Equal parts designer and developer, Rob holds an opinion tragically
uncommon for his field: he believes that technology should appear as beautiful to the user as it does to the developer. As a User Experience Designer for SRA International he has lead several design projects, including recent work for the Maryland Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene, the American Red Cross, Missile Defense Agency and the Environmental Protection Agency. He also runs his own design company, Digital Arch, which provides end-to-end design & development services for small businesses. He’s an advocate for user-centered design and knows how to sell it to those not often concerned with the everyday user. During his tenure at the Naval Research Laboratory he became the youngest ever... Read More.

Merrick Schaefer

Merrick Schaefer is a Technical Project Coordinator in UNICEF’s Innovation Team based out of the UN’s New York Headquarters. He both develops strategies for innovative uses of technology in UNICEF’s work and coordinates the UI design, software development and field implementations of technical projects. His projects cover a wide spectrum of UNICEF’s work, ranging from developing Speak Africa, a social network connecting youth in eight African nations to discuss their most pressing issues on the web and with SMS, to using SMS to gather real-time data tracking food distribution during a famine in Ethiopia.

Merrick started working as a web developer in 1995, having a front row seat to the explosive growth of the World Wide Web. He has worked on enterprise level... Read More.

Stephen Schultze
Stephen Schultze (Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard)

Stephen is a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard, where he works on both telecommunications policy and open government. Along with colleagues at Princeton’s Center for Information Technology Policy (CITP), he recently launched RECAP, a project to crowdsource federal court transparency. Stephen will be joining CITP in Fall of 2009 as Associate Director.

John  Scott
John Scott (Open Source for America), @johnmscott

John Scott is the Co-Chairman of Open Source for America. His day job involves developing policies for acquiring and deploying new technologies in the Department of Defense and US Government.

He also leads the MIL_OSS conference and working group:

He has focused his career on investigating and developing ideas for how large organizations design, construct and evolve extremely complex systems to meet National Security needs.

John currently leads the Defense Department’s Open Technology Development (OTD) initiative, sponsored by the Office of Secretary of Defense Advanced Systems & Concepts. OTD lays the groundwork for streamlined adoption of open source methodologies within DoD, which includes both the adoption of private sector open source software and the formation of internal communities of interest around DoD... Read More.

Lewis Shepherd
Lewis Shepherd (Microsoft Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments)

Lewis Shepherd is the Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft’s Institute for Advanced Technology in Governments, having joined Microsoft in 2007. He has degrees from Stanford University (where he was a Rockefeller Graduate Fellow), the University of Virginia, and the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium). He has also been a guest-lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business for MBA courses on government/business relations. Lewis spent two decades working in and around Silicon Valley, but after the 9/11 attacks he focused on technologies to support the Intelligence Community and in 2003 accepted an offer to become Senior Technology Officer at the Defense Intelligence Agency, where he spent four years participating in a remarkable period of innovation and reform for the intelligence community. Some of his... Read More.

Brian Sobel
Brian Sobel (InnovationGeo), @sobelito

Brian Sobel is the founder/developer of InnovationGeo where he now moonlights, working as a technologist for the Abraxas Corporation by day. Brian cherishes opportunities to work with driven, intelligent folk suspect to taking on ambitious endeavors. He is passionate about structured vast data-sets, utilization of geo-technologies for visualization and use in location based services, and tackling technical solutions for potential grand audiences. He and esteemed cohorts teamed up to build for Apps for Democracy, and afterward AreYouSafe, by being in the right city at the right time, with enough idle time on their hands.

Benjamin Strong
Benjamin Strong (U.S. Coast Guard)

Mr. Strong is the Director of Amver Maritime Relations in New York City. Mr. Strong’s office is responsible for the marketing, recruitment and retention of commercial ships in the Amver system. Amver is a voluntary, global ship reporting system used to divert merchant vessels in search and rescue (SAR) cases where traditional SAR resources are unavailable. Prior to heading the Amver office, Mr. Strong was the project manager for the United States Coast Guard’s Mass Rescue Operations program in the Office of Search and Rescue. Before coming to the United States Coast Guard Mr. Strong worked in the Urban Search and Rescue Division of the Federal Emergency Management Agency where he deployed on numerous disasters including the World Trade Center collapse in 2001.... Read More.

Greg Whisenant
Greg Whisenant (GroopVille, Inc.), @gwhisenant

Greg Whisenant

Greg Whisenant is founder and CEO of Public Engines, which makes the web application. Previously, Greg started and was General Manager of Wasatch Solutions, a networking services and software development firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Before starting Wasatch Solutions in 2001, Greg worked in several positions in the technology field. Previously, he was a senior legislative advisor for law firm Hale and Dorr in Washington, DC, where he directed the legislative strategies of multiple Fortune 500 technology companies, including EMC and Micron. Greg also worked for several years as a legislative aide to U.S. Senator Robert F. Bennett (R-UT), where he handled law enforcement, technology and telecommunications issues.

For several years, Greg has been selected as a member... Read More.

Chris Willey
Chris Willey (D.C. Office of the Chief Technology Officer)

Chris Willey
Interim Chief Technology Officer, District of Columbia Government

Chris Willey brings to the role of interim Chief Technology Officer (CTO) more than 17 years of IT experience in senior management and web development.

Willey most recently served as the Deputy CTO of Infrastructure Services for the Government of the District of Columbia. Among his duties were managing DC’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure (desktop computers, servers, mainframes, networks and data centers) and leading the District’s public Wi-Fi initiative, which offers free Wi-Fi hotspots in government locations throughout the city. As Deputy CTO, Willey led a diverse staff of over 200 serving the District’s 500,000+ residents and 80 DC government agencies and departments.

Before joining the District,... Read More.

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