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SeeClickFix: You Can Web Enable Your Town in 5 mins. No Batteries Required.

Government as a Partner
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SeeClickFix a website that allows citizens to report and document non-emergency issues to communicate them to those accountable for the public space. Issues that are reported are recorded on a map for everyone to see, vote on, discuss and resolve. We allow citizens to adopt web technology for their town immediately: collaboration and transparency in a box. Don’t wait for others – get started.

*Easy to Implement. We wanted to build something that communities could pick-up and implement without a software developer. A citizen, a local neighborhood watch or one city council person can choose to use SeeClickFix in their community. Just set up a watch area to get alerts on a geographical area and you’re off and running.
*Multiple Parties. Governments play a large role in resolving local non-emergency issues. But City Hall is far from the only entity involved. Our model allows anyone to play a role in resolving issues: from your neighbor, to the business improvement district, to the local newspaper, and even to the state department of transportation. Anyone can get alerts not just the official government channels.
*More Maps Globally. We have built the system on top of Google Maps so that it works globally with map UI.

SeeClickFix Social features for community fixing

  • Commenting engine
  • Image gallery
  • I want this fixed too! voting system
  • Share on Facebook features
  • Youtube video integration
  • Send issue to a friend
  • SeeClickFix Watch areas
  • Widget sharing
  • Flag as inappropriate crowd sourced moderation

SeeClickFix Reporting Methods

  • Web
  • Mobile Web
  • City focused subdomains (eg or
  • Embedable widget (available to be placed on other websites)
  • Twitter (tweet @seeclickfix with an embedded map link and optional photo)
  • Email (specific format)
  • Phone (voice mail box)
  • iPhone app (under development)

SeeClickFix Open Data/Output

  • Web browsing (each issue has it’s own web page)
  • XML issue feed (geographically and keyword focused)
  • JSON
  • KML
  • GeoRSS
  • Excel (feature of paid version SeeClickFix Pro)
  • CSV (feature of paid version SeeClickFix Pro)
  • Printable Issue List (feature of paid version SeeClickFix Pro)
  • Open 311 API (like DC’s API!)
  • Embedable widget (available to be placed on other websites with keyword and geographical focus)
Photo of Ben Berkowitz

Ben Berkowitz


Ben Berkowitz is the Founder/CEO of SeeClickFix a free web service that allows anyone to report local problems and collaborate to solve them. He is the founder of a neighborhood association district, the Upper State Street Association, and was named New Haven Town Green’s 2008 Collaborator of the Year.

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