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Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase Call for Participation

Call closed 11:59pm 07/07/2009 EDT.

The Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase Call for Proposals has ended

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Government 2.0 is about bringing the principles and value of the web as a platform to the business of governing. Lots of people are talking about it. Who’s doing it? If you’re involved in a Government 2.0 project or initiative and have lessons to share, we want to hear from you.

What is the Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase?

Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase will be a rapid-fire exposition of Government 2.0 technologies being put to use right now in the public sector. It is a preview of what to expect from the full Gov 2.0 Expo, scheduled for 2010, where we’ll bring government employees and contractors together with entrepreneurs from the private sector for a hands-on, collaborative exploration of:

  • efficiency
  • transparency
  • accountability
  • participation
  • collaboration
  • new models of partnership between the tech community and government.

Please note that proposals submitted through this page are for Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase. We will open the call for proposals for the full Gov 2.0 Expo (2010) in October.

Who should submit?

We are asking the architects, managers, leaders and catalysts of real-life Government 2.0 projects to submit proposals for this unique event. They should represent new thinking, demonstrate the value of web 2.0 and gov 2.0 principles, and have made an impact on government and the citizens and communities it serves. We don’t know the full range of the projects that fit into the Government 2.0 revolution, which is why we’re hoping you’ll show us what you’ve got. We’re looking forward to being surprised.

What is the format for presentations?

Please submit your proposal to speak in a five minute slot in one of the five categories outlined below. All talks will take place on September 8th. From the submissions we receive, our program committee will chose four projects in each of the five categories described below. Each of these projects will be asked to present a five minute “lightning talk,” a format borrowed from the popular Ignite series of geek talks. For these lightning talks, each presenter is limited to 20 slides that automatically advance after 15 seconds each, for a total of exactly five minutes. Lightning talks require intense preparation and practice, and have a high impact for the audience.

After the lightning talks in each category are presented, the four presenters will sit down with a moderator for a panel discussion to compare and contrast their experiences. Moderators will be distinguished members of the community from Washington and elsewhere.

Awards and judging

The four projects in each category that will be presented on September 8th will be chosen by our program committee, composed of people inside and outside Washington with a diversity of experiences in the public and private sectors. On the day of the event, they will also choose one winner in each category to receive a Gov 2.0 Award. These winners will present the following day (September 9th) at the invitation-only Gov 2.0 Summit. In addition, all Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase attendees will vote on a “people’s choice” from among all twenty presentations, and that project will also have the opportunity to present their talk at Summit.

What should I expect if I am chosen to present?

Chosen presenters will be asked to submit their 20 slides for review by August 25. Each of the chosen presenters will be awarded a free registration to both the Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase and the invitation-only Gov 2.0 Summit the following day (one presenter per project, please). We ask that presenters make their travel arrangements to stay at least for the first day of the Summit because if they win on the 8th, they will need to present to the Summit audience on the 9th. Travel to the event is the responsibility of the presenters.


Please choose the category which BEST fits your submission from the choices below.

  • Government as a PROCESS
    This category covers the underlying process of government work. How do contractors get hired, how does research funding get decided, how do social security checks get cut? Gov 2.0 is affecting how all offices work – human resources, legal, contracting, accounting – the meat and potatoes of government. This is Enterprise 2.0 applied to government. How do teams work better together internally? But it’s also about inbound information – how can the government better process and work with increased citizen input of all kinds? Tell us how you’ve harnessed technology to promote internal sharing, building Enterprise 2.0 tools, create new efficiencies, and discover novel uses of citizen input.
  • Government as a PROVIDER
    Governments provide a lot to the citizens they care for. Health care, educational loans, government jobs, intellectual property, and low-income housing are all part of this important piece of Government 2.0 – as are things like federal research funds, building permits, and food safety requirements. Tell us how you’ve used emerging technology to provide better services or deliver the same services more efficiently and effectively.
  • Government as a PARTNER
    Sometimes organizations and individuals use government more as a partner than a provider. Rather than contractual agreements, this might include public-private partnerships involving technology, where both sides have a strong interest in creating the best outcome possible. It might also include government partnering at different levels to combat the ongoing threat of terrorism, or different countries collaborating on a humanitarian issue. Government venture capital funding also has a role here, partnering with companies to promote innovation. How have you been creating partnerships with government that involve emerging technologies?
  • Government as a PROTECTOR
    Government protects people, no doubt about it. Whether military operations done in the interest of national security, domestic homeland security functions, or top-secret intelligence missions, collaboration and teamwork are important – and this is where Government 2.0 has a role to play. Are you involved in networking local law enforcement with the communities they serve? Have you built tools to make warfighters more effective? What about disseminating medical or safety information to citizens during a crisis? Tell us.
  • Government as a PEACEMAKER
    From humanitarian efforts overseas to responding to emergencies to influencing the world through public diplomacy, emerging communications tools have a role to play within this sphere of Government 2.0. Maybe you’ve promoted greater cultural understanding in a remote part of the world, or helped build an electronic library for people without access to books. Maybe you’ve been involved with stability and reconstruction operations in places like Afghanistan…or New Orleans. If you’re using emerging technology as a part of making the world a better place through government influence, let us know.
  • Government as a PRODUCT
    Presented by Sunlight Foundation, in partnership with Gov 2.0 Expo
    The launch of by the federal government confirms a new commitment to transparency, making government and citizen data available in Web developer-friendly formats. The Sunlight Foundation has announced Apps for America 2: The Challenge, challenging the creativity of developers to come up with amazing new projects that drive transparency, participation and collaboration, reducing costs while they increase value. The Apps for America 2 winners will be announced at Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase. Project submission and judging will be managed separately by the Sunlight Foundation. For complete details, visit the Apps for America 2 web site.

Vendor Participation

If you are interested in promoting your Government 2.0 solution at the event, contact Jessica Timmer at 206-335-2055 or for more information.

Important Gov 2.0 Dates

The submission deadline for all proposals is July 7, 2009.
Early registration closes July 21.

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