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Tell Us What Gov 2.0 Means To You

'Government as a Platform' was the theme and clarion call of Gov 2.0 Summit and Gov 2.0 Expo Showcase in 2009—the disruptive innovations in technology and process that will foster new levels of transparency, efficiency and participation in government today.

Tim O'Reilly has responded to the question "What is Gov 2.0?". We want to know what YOU have to say about it. Many of you submitted your interpretation of Gov 2.0 leading up to our recent Gov 2.0 Summit and Expo Showcase. We want to keep the conversation going.

We encourage you to record a short video response (30 seconds max), answering the question "What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?". From the responses, we're creating a collective of videos that we'll feature on this page, onsite during Gov 2.0 Summit (September 9-10), via the Gov 2.0 Events Facebook page, on GovLoop, and via Twitter.

Here's how you can participate:

  1. Record your own video—30 seconds max—answering the question "What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?
  2. Tag your video with #whatisgov2
  3. Post your video to your favorite video service (YouTube, Vimeo,, Flickr, etc)
  4. That's it! We'll be reviewing and adding videos to this page as they're submitted

If you want to submit a link via email, you can also do that. Send it to


Teresa CarlsonTeresa Carlson Answers the Question - "What is Gov 2.0?"
Microsoft's Teresa Carlson answers the question posed by Tim O'Reilly - What is Gov 2.0.

Sunlight FoundationWhat Gov 2.0 Means to Sunlight - Sunlight Foundation
Gov 2.0 means government data Online and in in Real Time. Song: Coco's Theme by Jeva

Kristin WolffWhat is Gov 2.0? - Kristin Wolff
Kristin Wolff shares her ideas about 'what gov2.0 means to me' to deepen the meaning of "We the People"

Tiffany RenéeGov 2.0 is Not just Zeroes and Ones - Tiffany Renée
Petaluma City Councilmember Tiffany Renée answers the question "What Does Gov 2.0 Mean to You?" - that government data is not always just zeroes and ones.

Anna GabbertWhat is Gov 2.0? - Anna Gabbert
Booz Allen’s Anna Gabbert answers the question ‘What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?’ (via @govfresh)

Kitty WooleyWhat Gov 2.0 Means to Me: Kitty Wooley
Kitty Wooley of the U.S. Department of Educations answers the question, "What Does Gov 2.0 Mean to You?" "'s an important question, the answers to which will affect the quality of life on the planet..."

KrzmarzickWhat is Gov 2.0? - Krzmarzick
Krzmarzick gives his response to the question ‘What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?’

Richard WhiteWhat is Gov 2.0? - Richard White
UserVoice CEO Richard White answers the question ‘What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?’ (via @govfresh)

Rich MartinWhat is Gov 2.0? - Rich Martin
Rich Martin, Vice President, CGI Federal, explains what Gov2.0 is in his view.

DaviedWhat does Gov 2.0 mean to you? - Davied
From Davied, Servant 2.0 Network: "Of course gov 2.0 is about transparancy, collaboration, a different role for government in society. But it's also, and I feel this is often neglected, it's also about government organizations and about civil servants."

Kevin CurryWhat Government 2.0 can mean to everyone: Metagovernment Project
From the Metagovernment Project: "There is a tremendous amount of talk about Government 2.0. People imagine it to be everything from a more technological version of the status quo to a complete transformation of human governance. The Metagovernment project falls decidedly in the second camp: we envision a world where every person, without exception, is able to substantively participate in any governance structure in which they have an interest."

Kevin CurryWhat Gov 2.0 Means to Me: Kevin Paschuck
Kevin Paschuck, VP Public Sector, RightNow Technologies on 'What does Gov 2.0 mean to me?'

Kevin CurryWhat does Gov 2.0 mean to me? - Kevin Curry
Bridgeborn Chief Scientist Kevin Curry answers the question "What does Gov 2.0 mean to me?" and discusses Gov 2.0 as a platform for adding value to our lives.

Tad Reeves"What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?" - Tad Reeves
What does Gov 2.0 mean to me? From Tad Reeves, SEO and Website Architect for Webworld Technologies.

Steve Radick"What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?" - Steve Radick
Booz Allen Hamilton's Social Media Lead Steve Radick answers the question 'What Does Gov 2.0 Mean to You?' (via @govfresh)

ikallenWhat Gov 2.0 Means - ikallen
From ikallen: "The social and technology changes that have been afoot for the prior decade are providing revolutionary ferment. Not a march in the streets and take up arms revolution but one native to the social and technology platforms that have emerged in recent years. Look at what's been happening in Iran, to paraphrase Gil Scott Heron and Joe Trippi, the revolution will not be televised... it will be tweeted."

Luke Fretwell"What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?" - Luke Fretwell
GovFresh Founder Luke Fretwell answers the question "What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?" (via @govfresh)

Peter Corbett"What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?" - Peter Corbett
iStrategyLabs CEO Peter Corbett gives his take on "What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?" and discusses harnessing the talent of our citizens. (via @govfresh)

Steve Ressler"What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?" - Steve Ressler
GovLoop Founder Steve Ressler discusses the question "What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?" and a "two way connection to collaboration". (via @govfresh)

Mark SigalGovernment 2.0 & The Library of the Commons: Mark Sigal
Mark answers the question "What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?" with a discussion and vision for a Library of the Commons.

Joe HallTransparency and Gov 2.0: Joe Hall
Joe makes a good, pointed response about Gov 2.0 and how we are defining "transparency" when discussing what Gov 2.0 means. In his response, Joe talks about the monolithic conception of transparency that pervades talk about gov2.0 and how it's more rich than that.

Chris Vein"What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?" - Chris Vein
San Francisco CIO Chris Vein talks about what Gov 2.0 means to him as a member of the public sector. (via @govfresh)

Craig Newmark"What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?" - Craig Newmark
Craigslist Founder Craig Newmark delivers his answer to the question "What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?" (via @govfresh)

Adriel Hampton"What does Gov 2.0 mean to you?" - Adriel Hampton
Gov 2.0 Radio host Adriel Hampton discusses the three components he thinks are essential to the success of Gov 2.0. (via @govfresh)

Chris BroganChris Brogan Talks about Government 2 0
Chris Brogan discusses Government 2.0 at the NewComm Forum 2009.

Nathanael BoehmWhy Gov 2.0: Nathanael Boehm
Catching people at the Gov 2.0 BBQ 17 APR 2009. Nathanael is Gov 2.0 web designer for DEEWR.

Tim O'Reilly"Do it Ourselves": Tim O'Reilly on Gov 2.0
O'Reilly Media Founder Tim O'Reilly shares his thoughts about Gov 2.0 and "Government as a Platform" during his keynote at O'Reilly's Open Source Convention (OSCON) 2009.

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