Gov 2.0 International: Global Innovation Meeting Local Challenges

The O'Reilly Gov 2.0 Online Conference

Gov 2.0 is a worldwide revolution—from the United States to Australia and everywhere in between. Members of government are interacting with citizens via social media and open data efforts are spreading from city to city. At this Gov 2.0 Online Conference, you'll hear about open government efforts in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Israel. The speakers will share stories and lessons learned, and answer your questions. Learn about some of the Gov 2.0 best practices that have helped effect important change in other countries, and discuss effective ways to use specific tools and processes in other settings.

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Joel Whitaker

Beyond Borders: Improving Global Diplomacy and Citizen Empowerment with Gov 2.0 Speaker: Joel Whitaker, U.S. Institute of Peace

Can Gov 2.0 bring peace? Joel will discuss how Gov 2.0 approaches may improve governments' effectiveness in countries enduring active or potential violent conflict. We will discuss how Gov 2.0 tools can be adapted to enhance government legitimacy in fragile states, where accountability and stability is critical to avoiding outbreaks of violence.

David Eaves

Open Government in Canada Speaker: David Eaves, Centre for the Study of Democracy

In this overview of the state of open government in Canada, David will outline where there have been successes, where there have been challenges, and explain why this is the case, and what it could mean for other jurisdictions.

Yaron Gamburg

Israel Gov 2.0: from Awareness to Implementation Speaker: Yaron Gamburg, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Gov 2.0 in Israel is still in its initial stage. There are many initiatives in different agencies, primarily in the central government. However, these initiatives are bottom-up developments, and we need strong sponsors at the senior level of the government to make a significant change.

Dominic Campbell

U.K. Innovations in Gov 2.0 Speaker: Dominic Campbell, FutureGov

This talk will look at Britain's contribution to the Gov 2.0 agenda, where it started from, who led it, and why it took the election of Barack Obama 3,000 miles away to spur the UK government into action. It will cover the key UK initiatives past and present and where the UK still has something unique to offer in this field.

Kate Lundy

Gov 2.0 in Australia: From Open Data to Open Government Speaker: Kate Lundy, ACT, Australian Goverment

ICT is on the top of the Australian agenda for the first time in history, and now with the Australian Gov 2.0 Taskforce paper we have the blueprint for a more open, participatory, collaborative and transparent government. It is a new era for Australia and a new era for democracy globally.

Program subject to refinement. All talks are 20 minutes, with a 15 minute break at US-PST: 10:00am (US-EST: 1:00pm).

The entire conference will be recorded and made available to attendees free of charge afterwards.

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