Cross-platforming conference sessions

Projects that span both platforms & devices.

9:00am–12:30pm Monday, 04/20/2015
Location: Salon 1/2
Mike Taylor (Mozilla), Dan Callahan (Mozilla)
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(2.54, 13 ratings)
The mobile Web continues to be a challenging place for developers and user alike. In this workshop, attendees will learn how to diagnose the many different types of compatibility issues that occur in different mobile browsers. Read more.
2:15pm–2:45pm Tuesday, 04/21/2015
Location: Salon 12/13/14/15
Jeffrey Burtoft (Microsoft)
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(3.50, 2 ratings)
HTML5 isn’t just a first world Technology. This same solution that we know and love is enabling the app revolution is developing nations, and we can play a part in it. We’ve done a great deal to make web apps versatile, cross platform and easy to write. But there is still more we can do, and more importantly shouldn’t do to assure HTML5 continues to enable app developers around the globe. Read more.
5:15pm–5:45pm Tuesday, 04/21/2015
Location: Salon 8
Anna Filina (FooLab)
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(3.67, 12 ratings)
Bootstrap is a front-end framework that allows you to create responsive layouts, meaning that they automatically adjust to any screen size. It's easy to use, fast to integrate and looks amazing. This presentation will teach you how to quickly create an adaptive layout and with little effort. It will also feature a case study of transforming an existing web application. Read more.
11:15am–11:45am Wednesday, 04/22/2015
Location: Salon 12/13/14/15
Average rating: ****.
(4.75, 4 ratings)
Apache Cordova makes it easy to build hybrid mobile apps, but needs a good UI/UX library to complete the picture. Ionic is a great framework that helps fill that gap and makes creating *awesome* hybrid apps that much easier. Read more.