Jeffrey Burtoft

Jeffrey Burtoft
HTML5 Evangelist, Microsoft

Website | @boyofgreen 

Jeff Burtoft is a Web App Advocate at Microsoft and a devoted supporter of the JavaScript/HTML5 community. He loves Web Standards, JavaScript and 1980’s skateboarding videos. Additionally, Jeff is co-author of HTML5 Hacks (O’Reilly Media) and is a founding blogger of Jeff can be found on twitter @boyofgreen.


2:15pm–2:45pm Tuesday, 04/21/2015
Location: Salon 12/13/14/15
Jeffrey Burtoft (Microsoft)
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HTML5 isn’t just a first world Technology. This same solution that we know and love is enabling the app revolution is developing nations, and we can play a part in it. We’ve done a great deal to make web apps versatile, cross platform and easy to write. But there is still more we can do, and more importantly shouldn’t do to assure HTML5 continues to enable app developers around the globe. Read more.