Kyle Drake

Kyle Drake
Founder, Neocities

Website | @neocitiesweb

Kyle Drake is a tech entrepreneur working to bring back the lost art of amateur personal websites with Neocities.

When not working on Neocities, Kyle helps to build the open source communities, including early work on BitcoinJS, Portland hackerspaces, and providing early advice and support to startups.

Some of Kyle’s varied interests include software architecture, simplicity, API design, economics, improved startup business models, tech sustainability, and weird ways to look at old problems.


1:30pm–2:00pm Wednesday, 04/22/2015
HTML5 and CSS3
Location: Salon 10
Kyle Drake (Neocities)
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When Geocities went away, it did more than delete dancing baby GIFs and Celine Dion MIDI files. It ended the era of free, amateur, personal web sites. It was replaced with "the era of tiny text boxes on social networks". This isn't progress, it's a nightmare. So we created Neocities, an ad-free project to try to bring back HTML Homesteading for the modern web. You won't believe what happened next. Read more.