Divya Manian

Divya Manian
Product Manager, Adobe

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Divya works at Adobe on tools to help web designers. Previously, she worked at Opera, advocating the use of web technologies while contributing to open source projects and books on web development. She also participates in projects to make gender bias history in the throws of a quarter-life crisis, she decided to pursue web technologies with single-minded devotion, leading to collaborative projects such as HTML5 Boilerplate, HTML5 Please, Move the Web Forward, and more.

She then joined the Adobe Web Platform team, where she helped organize W3Conf, helped webplatform.org go live, and made CSS features available in browsers. She now works on tools to help the modern web designer.


12:00pm–12:30pm Wednesday, 04/22/2015
Interface and experience design
Location: Salon 8
Divya Manian (Adobe)
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Designers and developers rely on each other to turn design comps into code quickly. This session will give developers a look at new tools and techniques for working efficiently from design to code, while maintaining the design purity. Read more.