Randall Degges

Randall Degges
Developer Evangelist, Stormpath

Website | @rdegges

Randall Degges is a Developer Evangelist at Stormpath and a prominent Pythonista.

Prior to joining Stormpath, he founded and built OpenCNAM, the largest Caller ID API service in North America. He has been actively involved in Open Source for more than 10 years, and has built a variety of projects used by thousands of developers. He has also authored a book on Heroku, and frequently writes on his personal site. When he’s not coding, he lifts weights and spends time with his chihuahua, Scribbles, and his wife, Samantha.


2:15pm–2:45pm Tuesday, 04/21/2015
Location: Salon 8
Randall Degges (Stormpath)
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Want to build an API service? It’s not as hard as you might think! In this presentation, Randall Degges, Stormpath Developer Evangelist will walk you through building an API service (from scratch) in 30 minutes flat. Read more.