Brian Holt

Brian Holt
Senior Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft


Brian is currently working as a senior user interface engineer at Netflix. This means he’s using JavaScript to enable your (and his) binge watching of House of Cards. Previously he worked as the director of redditgifts front end at reddit. When not on a Netflix bender or devouring content on reddit, Brian is probably hanging out with wife and dog, running, traveling, or playing video games. Brian is presently a resident of San Francisco, CA.


1:45pm–5:15pm Monday, 04/20/2015
Location: Salon 9
Brian Holt (Microsoft)
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One of the new, hot libraries in the JavaScript world is React and there is reason what it is getting so much attention: it offers some productivity gains you will not believe. In this workshop, we will cover React at a high level and then get in and write some code. Read more.
10:45am–11:15am Wednesday, 04/22/2015
Location: Community Lounge
Eric Meyer (Complex Spiral Consulting), Brian Holt (Microsoft), Jason Pamental (Fresh Tilled Soil)
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