Brian Belhumeur

Brian Belhumeur
Frontend Developer, craigslist


I’m currently a front end developer at craigslist. I’ve also been a backend developer and sysadmin, but I love front end work the most. The confluence of engineering, psychology, and the power to make a real difference in millions of people’s lives is what makes front end work so fun and rewarding. I’m always looking for an opportunity to share my knowledge and learn from others.


5:15pm–5:45pm Wednesday, 04/22/2015
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Location: Salon 9
Brian Belhumeur (craigslist)
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We are all aware of the pressures of getting our code out the door for launch, but how will the design decisions you make today affect you next year? In five years? In ten? This talk focuses on the long-term impacts of technical and architectural decisions and how to best set yourself up for the future health and scalability of your codebase. Read more.