Ben Vinegar

Ben Vinegar
Software Engineer, Sentry

Website | @bentlegen

Ben Vinegar is a Senior Software Engineer at Shape Security, and the co-author of Third-party JavaScript (Manning). Previously, he was Lead Front-end Engineer at Disqus, the web’s largest embedded commenting platform.


11:15am–11:45am Tuesday, 04/21/2015
Pure Code and JavaScript
Location: Salon 9
Ben Vinegar (Sentry)
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Does minimizing HTTP requests really make your web application faster? What about caching object properties in for loops? Or concatenating strings with Array.prototype.join? In this talk, we revisit the common web performance best practices, and discover how well they fare in 2015's browser and connectivity landscape. Spoiler alert: not well. Read more.
1:30pm–2:00pm Tuesday, 04/21/2015
Location: Community Lounge
Raymond Camden (IBM), Ben Vinegar (Sentry)
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