Axel Rauschmayer

Axel Rauschmayer
Founder, Ecmanauten

Website | @rauschma

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer specializes in JavaScript. He has written the O’Reilly book Speaking JavaScript, blogs at, is trainer for Ecmanauten and organizes the MunichJS user group. He also frequently holds talks and workshops at conferences.


9:00am–12:30pm Monday, 04/20/2015
Pure Code and JavaScript
Location: Salon 9
Axel Rauschmayer (Ecmanauten), Aaron Frost (Domo)
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ES6 is the biggest update to JavaScript since the creation of the language. The surface of the JavaScript API has grown significantly. And many of those changes have some deep nuances. This workshop is a meant to be a crash-course for all things ES6. Participants will leave with a solid grasp on each of the new concepts and sugars added to JavaScript in ES6. Read more.