Lessons Learned From Powering a WebRTC App at Internet Scale

Badri Rajasekar (TokBox, Inc)
11:15am–11:45am Wednesday, 04/22/2015
Location: Salon 10
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Scale. The magical, sometimes elusive factor that everyone is seeking. For early stage startups it’s a question of how do you achieve it. But what if your starting point is a service that has already achieved scale, and now you’re introducing new services or solutions to a massive audience? the considerations are quite different.

Based on his experience as a platform provider, working with Mozilla to create Firefox Hello, TokBox CTO, Badri Rajasekar, will talk about the lessons learned from building and managing an app at Internet scale. He will discuss the impact of identity, personalization & anonymity, infrastructure, deployments and release management, and more.

This session is sponsored by TokBox.

Photo of Badri Rajasekar

Badri Rajasekar

TokBox, Inc

Badri is the CTO and SVP of Engineering at TokBox, the provider of OpenTok, the leading real-time communications platform. At TokBox, he leads the core engineering and operations teams and is responsible for end-to-end service delivery, including product development, quality engineering, and customer solutions. At TokBox, he was instrumental in driving the development of the OpenTok cloud along with the transition of the OpenTok platform into WebRTC. Before joining TokBox, Badri worked at Microsoft in the the Core Operating Systems Division (COSD). Badri began his career as a software developer at BEA Systems working on the WebLogic suite of products.

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Picture of Piero Cena
Piero Cena
04/26/2015 5:45pm PDT

Please, could you share your slides here? Thanks in advance