The Kraken Effect at PayPal

Bill Scott (PayPal)
9:40am–9:50am Tuesday, 04/21/2015
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Location: Salon 8/9
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Two years ago, PayPal set its UI free by adding liberal doses of NodeJS, JavaScript templating and libraries, JSON, Github and Lean Startup/UX. Join Bill as he looks at the PayPal design and engineering transformation, including the boom in rapid prototyping and experimentation, cultural changes, lessons learned, and the next stage of initiatives and technologies now underway.

This keynote is sponsored by PayPal.

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Bill Scott


Bill Scott is VP, Payment Products, at PayPal. In a past life he co-created one of the first successful Macintosh games (GATO, 1985), built and designed wargaming interfaces for NATO, led user experience teams (Sabre, Meebo), co-wrote one of the first Ajax/JavaScript frameworks (OpenRico), managed user interface engineering organizations (Netflix, PayPal) and published a design pattern library (Yahoo!). Bill is also a frequent speaker at conferences and workshops worldwide, as well as the co-author of the O’Reilly book Designing Web Interfaces.