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6:00pm–7:30pm Monday, 04/20/2015
Location: Salon 8
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If you had five minutes on stage what would you say? Would you talk about your latest passion? Describe the trip of a lifetime? Teach a hack? We’ll find out at in this high-energy, fast-paced, technology show-and-tell. Any topic is fair game as long as it’s interesting, from technology to culture to business to science fiction. Speakers are limited to 20 slides, which automatically advance after 15 seconds—that’s the fun of Ignite!

Help us kick off the event by joining if(we) for beverages and appetizers from 6:00pm – 6:30pm.

Presentations Begin at 6:30pm

Effective Dependency Management in JavaScript
Hector Virgen

At if(we), we’re committed to improving all aspects of our tech stack. This includes our client-side JavaScript, which consists of hundreds of thousands of lines of code across thousands of files.

As JavaScript projects grow, they tend to become difficult to manage if you’re not careful. We found ourselves running into common problems including code that was difficult to reuse or test, and code that broke when introduced in new pages.

As we explored the problems in more detail, we found the root cause was most often due to ineffective dependency management. For example, script A relies on script B that relies on script C, and somehow the dependency chain would break on some pages because script C didn’t get included properly.

To help solve this problem, we identified five traits of well-managed JavaScript to help guide us as we built new features and libraries.

This Ignite talk will walk through the five traits, including examples of the types of problems they help avoid.

How We Accidentally Created ChatRoulette on JSFiddle (and how you can too)
Will Sentance

What inspired us to build this? Setting up WebRTC (all the signaling servers and infrastructure etc) can be a huge pain – it takes 100s of code and a bunch of configuration. So instead we decided to save other engineers from doing it in the future and build out a platform that does all that behind the scenes – Icecomm

Icecomm lets you add video chat to a site in 8 lines of frontend javascript and use the various SDKs (for e-commerce, in-email video chat) etc to build awesome things.

We launched at #2 Hacker News, and the front page of Reddit and Product Hunt in February and received an extraordinary response from the community – JSFiddle Chatroulette – that’s still a great place to start

Now we have over 250 engineering teams working with the platform – some of the best are on the Icecomm blog.

How I use technology and science to keep my brain healthy
Patsy Price

Our brains need special care to stay plastic, sharp and functional as we get older. I became a developer in my 50s and am working with people much younger than I am. This talk will cover how optimizing my diet, exercise, sleep and along with selected technology helps keep my memory sharp and my brain working well. Topics will include reducing inflammation, reducing mood swings through diet, reducing stress through meditation, best exercises for optimal performance and getting quality sleep in spite of working developer hours.

Rehydrating Your Parched Codebase
Nicholas Silva

Through illustrative examples and real-world code in both Ruby and JavaScript, Nicholas Silva will explain his principles of code rehydration:

  • Assessment: Establish a baseline measurement for performance and stability
  • Shoring: Build safeguards to prevent disasters during the process
  • Watering: Bring your code back to life
  • Waste-water Management: Deal with all of the technical debt that has developed over time
  • Sustainability: Work to prevent your code from becoming dehydrated again

What’s your next challenge?
Harish Chakravarthy

I challenged myself to try something new and get out of my comfort zone. I got uncomfortable, learned more about myself, enjoyed the journey, made new friends and finished strong! What is your next challenge?

Using A/B testing to rebuild the UI used by 1.5 million users a day
Matthew Davidson

Skyscanner is a leading global travel search site serving over 35 million unique monthly visitors. Last year, the company transformed its organizational structure around the Spotify squad model. As a result, software teams had to rethink their approach to product delivery in terms of ownership, speed and safety. My name is Matt Davidson, I am a 25 year old software engineer and a member of the team responsible for separating the main flights search component from the rest of the website. I will talk about how we used A/B testing from day 1, haggis, the A/B testing pitfalls we faced, some of the cultural obstacles involved, bagpipes, the architecture decisions made and the importance of instrumentation.

How to Become an Optimist
Wayne Wight

Think about the last time you described a personal experience. How did you tell the story? Was it positive or negative? Believe it or not, what you think and how you think it has a profound impact on your health and behavior. Today you will learn how to control your destiny. (Yes, really.) In just five minutes discover how to revisit your explanatory style to achieve a lifetime of happiness.

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