Designing for the Future: Architecting Code and Systems with Long-Term Growth and Development in Mind

Brian Belhumeur (craigslist)
5:15pm–5:45pm Wednesday, 04/22/2015
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Location: Salon 9
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As web developers, most aspects of our industry are short term. The web development cycle is dizzyingly rapid. Agile methodologies and deadline pressures often put the focus of development on the here-and-now decisions, pushing off the longer term planning to a later date. Websites often don’t have developers or even lifetimes that last more than a couple years, and technology advances at breakneck speed.

With so much focus on the short term, how do we design and build software to last? How do we meet our deadlines now but still make decisions that are going to serve us well into the future?

In this talk, Brian Belhumeur will discuss challenges and strategies for the long term evolution of web software. Specifically, he will address the progression of technology over time, growth and scaling, improving the user experience, and handling users’ changing expectations. He’ll also share tips that will be useful for sites planning for future growth and longevity.

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Brian Belhumeur


I’m currently a front end developer at craigslist. I’ve also been a backend developer and sysadmin, but I love front end work the most. The confluence of engineering, psychology, and the power to make a real difference in millions of people’s lives is what makes front end work so fun and rewarding. I’m always looking for an opportunity to share my knowledge and learn from others.