Why Web Components are Right for Enterprise Web App Development

Ben Donohue (Flashpoint)
3:00pm–3:30pm Wednesday, 04/22/2015
Application architectures
Location: Salon 9
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Web Components are the “latest and greatest” in web app development. But are they right for you and your product?

We think Web Components are the future of enterprise web application development. With web app development, your goals are: 1. Roll out new features and products as quickly as possible. 2. Maintain a unified, intuitive user experience. 3. Try to not break things. As your application and user base grows, new goals emerge. You must try to maintain velocity and harmony between your product and your development teams. You may be fortunate enough to have external partners that want to build on top of your product. We think adopting Web Components for your interface development is the best way to execute all these goals. But we’re also realists – they don’t make sense for every app. Here at MediaMath, we adopted them in early 2014 and couldn’t be happier. In this talk, we’ll walk through how we moved to Web Components, how they’ve changed our development process, and why we think they’re the future of enterprise web app development.

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Ben Donohue


Ben is the VP of Engineering for T1 and Apps Development at MediaMath. He joined MediaMath in 2009 and leads the teams focused on delivering our best-in-class digital marketing application, TerminalOne. Prior to joining MediaMath, Ben led the engineering team at Sonicbids, a matchmaking service for musicians and promoters (such as SXSW and Lollapalooza). Ben graduated from St. Lawrence University with a combined BA in Environmental Studies and Philosophy.

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Picture of Ben Donohue
Ben Donohue
04/26/2015 11:52pm PDT
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Piero Cena
04/26/2015 5:47pm PDT

Please, could you share your slides here? Thanks in advance