Building HTML Email Doesn't Have To Suck

Lee Munroe (Mailgun by Rackspace)
12:00pm–12:30pm Wednesday, 04/22/2015
HTML5 and CSS3
Location: Salon 12/13/14/15
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HTML email is hard. Not only do we have to build emails with tables, we have to inline our CSS which makes for a disjointed and not very friendly development workflow.

Support across clients, devices and browser varies, and in a world where over 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices, responsive email design has never been more important.

Lets look at the current state of HTML email, how rendering differs across clients, how to optimize for mobile and how to automate your workflow using tools like Grunt and Sass.

  • The state of HTML email in 2015
  • How to build bulletproof HTML emails
  • Mobile and responsive email solutions
  • Creating an automated email design workflow
  • Cool things you CAN do with email
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Lee Munroe

Mailgun by Rackspace

Lee Munroe is a Digital Product Designer, currently leading design at Mailgun, the email service for developers by Rackspace. Designer and front-end html/css guy. Previously of Runnable and Kareo.

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Lee Munroe
04/22/2015 8:17am PDT

Hey George uploaded the slides to Speakerdeck

George Ivanov
04/22/2015 7:59am PDT

Can we get the slides posted?