Introducing NativeScript - All Of Your JavaScript Are Belong To Us

Burke Holland (Microsoft)
4:30pm–5:00pm Wednesday, 04/22/2015
Development tools
Location: Salon 9
Average rating: ****.
(4.60, 5 ratings)

NativeScript is a brand new (and open source!) framework from Telerik for building native cross-platform mobile applications using JavaScript. Got a command line? You’re good to go. NativeScript maps JavaScript straight through to the underlying native code for iOS and Android (soon Windows Phone). No cross-compiling, this is JavaScript running directly on the rails. It additionally abstracts common UI paradigms so that you can build truly native mobile applications using just JavaScript.

In this session, we’ll take a look at how NativeScript works, and how easy it is to build mobile applications now that you don’t need to know Java AND Objective-C AND C#. All you need to know is JavaScript. Sound to good to be true? Come find out for yourself.

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Burke Holland


Burke Holland is a web developer living in Nashville, TN. He enjoys working with and meeting developers who are building mobile apps with jQuery / HTML5 and loves to hack on social API’s. Burke works for Telerik as a Developer Evangelist focusing on Kendo UI. Burke is @burkeholland on Twitter.