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Fluent ConferenceFluent Conference

The O'Reilly Fluent Conference was first launched in 2012 as a new event for developers working with JavaScript, HTML5, and other web technologies. Fluent covers the full scope of the Web Platform and its associated technologies, including WebGL, CSS3, mobile APIs, Node.js, AngularJS, ECMAScript 6, and more.

These technologies have become central to all kinds of development, not just building websites. If you're building web applications, designing for mobile devices, or working with the web's evolving infrastructure, you need to keep up with the proliferation of new technology that's driving the Web Platform.

At Fluent, you'll immerse yourself in learning. Fluent's speakers are people who are actually working with the same technologies you use—and inventing clever ways to wring the most out of them as they create products and services. Fluent offers a variety of forums for learning, from workshops and sessions with experts to the "hallway track" between sessions where attendees informally connect and share questions, knowledge, and perspectives with their peers.

If your business depends on JavaScript, HTML5, or other crucial web technologies—or the people who work with them—then you won't want to miss Fluent.

What You'll Find at Fluent

Fluent Conference

Thousands of JavaScript developers, web developers, mobile app developers, software engineers, and a wide range of other people who work with Web Platform technologies come together at Fluent.  The energy level is high, the discussions are vibrant with new ideas, and the excitement is tangible.

At the same time, Fluent retains much of a "small conference" feel by providing plenty of opportunities to meet and talk with others, connect with people you've always wanted to meet, and network with speakers during their informal Office Hours.  In fact, Fluent is uniquely structured to offer ongoing opportunities to interact with others. Even people who naturally cringe at the idea of networking, will find easy ways of meeting new people, joining in discussions, and making connections they'll value for many years.

The Fluent Experience

Fluent Conference
  • One day of in-depth workshops
  • Two days of keynotes and sessions that explore state-of-the-art, real-world case studies, technology introductions, and best practices
  • Networking opportunities with hundreds of other front-end and back-end developers and technologists
  • Multiple occasions—including the hallway track, Exhibit Hall, and after-hours events—for attendees, speakers, journalists, and vendors to debate and discuss issues of interest and importance

Who is Fluent For?

At Fluent, you'll find the following, at all levels of experience, from entry-level to senior:

  • Application developer
  • Web developer
  • Front-end software developer
  • Front-end web developer
  • Engineer
  • Mobile app developer
  • Interactive developer
  • JavaScript developer
  • Lead software engineer
  • Programmer / Analyst
  • Architect
  • UI/UX Architect / Designer
  • Systems Developer
  • Technical Lead
  • Web solutions architect

What People Are Saying About Fluent

Fluent is one of the best informational and networking events in technology. From the keynote presentations to the after-hours meet and greets, every event was well thought out and executed. I will be back next year."
–Aaron Biggs The University of Oklahoma
With the people I met, the concepts I learned, and the conversations I had, Fluent was a pivotal moment for me in my career."
–Brian Holt @holtbt
The O'Reilly Fluent conference was a great experience! I learned a lot about where Javascript is going, and can't wait to try out some of the new technologies that were presented. Looking forward to next year!"
–Eric Ranschau Associate Solutions Architect Olson
We couldn’t be happier with the results."
–Kacie Hendrickson, Fastly (Fluent 2014 sponsor)
Fluent is the best place to see the current state of the web and where it is headed in the future."
–Dan Goodwin, MCNC
Fluent was one of the best parts of the year. The information you will take away from this conference will set you up for the whole year and beyond. I will take away so much from this event and excited to implement all the neat ideas in my workplace!"
–Daniel Wetteroth, Oppenheimerfunds
Great to see women developers rocking at #fluentconf. @LeaVerou preso on RegEx was awesome. I really needed that."
–Brendellya Thomas, @brendellya
I loved the networking that I got while I was there. I have never had a chance to rub shoulders with so many of the leading JS engineers. Fluent conference solidified itself in my mind as a great center for modern web development and disruption."
–Aaron Frost
The conference was a difference maker / eye-opener for me. The richness of the community is something that cannot be comprehended from a remote location. Working and talking with the folks who know today and are our visionaries makes me very excited to be a part of the community."
–Don Schaefer, ePlus
Awesome experience at Fluent, learnt so much thanks to all the great speakers. Now to find all the pieces of my exploded brain!"
–Werner van Deventer, @brutaldev

Program Chairs

Peter Cooper

Peter Cooper

Peter co-chairs O'Reilly's Fluent Conference. Additionally, Peter is the editor of JavaScript Weekly and co-host of The JavaScript Show as well as the editor of several popular Ruby Web sites and author of Beginning Ruby. He publishes programming oriented e-mail newsletters, podcasts, screencasts and blogs full-time.

Simon St. Laurent

Simon St. Laurent

Simon has spent most of his career explaining technology. He is co-chair of the Fluent and OSCON conferences, a Senior Editor at O'Reilly, and a web developer. He has written over a dozen books, including Introducing Elixir, Introducing Erlang, Learning Rails, XML Elements of Style, and XML: A Primer. He spends his spare time making objects out of wood and presenting on local history.


Committee Members

Allyson MacDonald (O’Reilly)Allyson MacDonald (O’Reilly) is an editor at O'Reilly Media focusing on web content, especially server-side technologies such as Node, PHP, and Rails. Before coming to O'Reilly, she worked in higher education publishing with a focus on computer science topics. In her spare time she enjoys writing, reading and exploring her native Boston.


Ben Vinegar (Disqus)Ben Vinegar (Disqus) is a Software Engineer at Disqus, a third-party comments platform served on over 1,000,000 blogs, online publications, and other web properties, including CNN, MLB, Time Magazine, and IGN. Ben is also the co-author of Third-party javaScript (Manning).


Brad Green (Google)Brad Green (Google) works at Google as an Engineering Director where he manages AngularJS, AngularDart, Google's sales platform and several other projects. Prior to Google, Brad worked on the early mobile web at AvantGo, founded and sold startups, and spent a few hard years toiling as a caterer. Brad's first job out of school was as lackey to Steve Jobs at NeXT Computer writing demo software and designing his slide presentations. Brad lives in Mountain View, CA with his wife, two children, and four chickens.


Brian Rinaldi (Telerik)Brian Rinaldi (Telerik) is the Developer Content Manager at Telerik. Brian is the founder of the very popular web and mobile developer site Flippin’ Awesome. He writes regularly and also tweets the best articles, tutorials and new projects he finds @remotesynth.


Carina C Zona (ZeroVM)Carina C Zona (ZeroVM) is a developer and advocate. Her day job is as the community manager for open source software ZeroVM. She has also been a teacher and organizer for many tech women’s organizations. Carina is the founder of @CallbackWomen, an initiative to connect first-time speakers with conferences. She is also a certified sex educator. In her spare time, she engineers baked goods. Using git. Because she loves versioning that much.


Chris Heilmann (Mozilla Firefox)Chris Heilmann (Mozilla Firefox)


Doug Schepers (W3C)Doug Schepers (W3C) is Developer Relations Lead at W3C, and is a project coordinator for the SVG, WebApps, Touch Events, and Audio Working Groups, and the initiator of WebPlatform.org. He has been developing SVG applications for over a decade, and still tries to code in his copious spare time.


Dr. Axel Rauschmayer (2ality consulting)Dr. Axel Rauschmayer (2ality consulting) is a consultant and trainer for JavaScript, web technologies and information management. He has been developing web applications since 1995 and held his first talk on Ajax in 2006. In 1999, he was technical manager at an internet startup that later expanded internationally. Located in Munich, Germany. Speaks German, English, French, and Spanish.


Elijah Manor (The Lampo Group)Elijah Manor (The Lampo Group) is a Christian and a family man. He works at The Lampo Group (Dave Ramsey) as a front-end web developer. He is a Microsoft Regional Director, Microsoft ASP.NET MVP, ASPInsider, IE userAgent, and a Pluralsight author. He enjoys blogging at elijahmanor.com and tweeting (@elijahmanor) about the things he learns.


Estelle Weyl (Standardista.com)Estelle Weyl (Standardista.com) started her professional life in architecture, then managed teen health programs. In 2000, she took the natural step of becoming a web standardista. She has consulted for Kodakgallery, SurveyMonkey, Samsung, Yahoo! and Apple, among others. Estelle shares esoteric tidbits learned while programming CSS, JavaScript and XHTML and detailed grids of CSS3 and HTML5 browser support in her blog at http://www.standardista.com. She is a co-author of Mobile HTML5, HTML5: The Definitive Guide and HTML5 and CSS3 for the Real World. While not coding, she works in construction, de-hippifying her 1960's throwback abode.


Holly Schinsky (PhoneGap at Adobe)Holly Schinsky (PhoneGap at Adobe) is working with the PhoneGap team at Adobe and currently focused on mobile development using PhoneGap, HTML/CSS and JavaScript. She has 17 years experience in software development including Java, Adobe Flex/AIR and ActionScript in addition to her recent hybrid mobile work. Holly’s latest focus is on developer advocacy and education via her blog, samples and workshops.


Josh Simmons (O'Reilly)Josh Simmons (O'Reilly) is a web developer and community builder with a decade of freelancing and one failed startup under his belt. He's now a community manager at O'Reilly where he focuses on open source and web technology. Looking to strike up a conversation? Easy: Anything philosophy, psychology, or technology and you'll have a captive audience.


Kimberly Blessing (Think Brownstone)Kimberly Blessing (Think Brownstone) has been building web experiences for nearly 20 years. She is the Director of Web Development at Think Brownstone in Conshohocken, PA.


Kyle Simpson (Getify Solutions)Kyle Simpson (Getify Solutions) is an Open Web Evangelist from Austin, TX. He's passionate about JavaScript, HTML5, real-time/peer-to-peer communications, and web performance. Otherwise, he's probably bored by it. Kyle is an author, workshop trainer, tech speaker, and avid OSS community member.


Lara Hogan (Etsy)Lara Hogan (Etsy) is an Engineering Manager at Etsy. She champions performance as a part of the overall user experience, striking a balance between aesthetics and speed, and building performance into company culture. Lara is currently writing a book called Designing for Performance which aims to empower designers to understand their impact on page load time.


Leah Silber (Strobe Inc.)Leah Silber (Strobe Inc.) is a co-founder of Tilde Inc., the open-source-centric company behind Skylight. She is also a member of the Ember.js Core Team, and an organizer of EmberConf, RailsConf, and the Golden Gate Ruby Conference.


Mary Treseler (O'Reilly)Mary Treseler (O'Reilly) is Editorial Strategist at O'Reilly Media, Inc. She acquires and edits web, business, commerce, and UX projects. Most recently Mary created and launched The Lean Series with Eric Ries. She has been working in technology publishing for over 20 years. Mary lives by the sea in South Dartmouth, MA with her husband and two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. When she unplugs you can find her out wandering with her camera.


Meg Foley (O'Reilly)Meg Foley (O'Reilly) has spent most of her career thinking about books. She is an editor at O'Reilly, focusing on front end web topics. With over 13 years of experience, she has worked at companies large and small, in everything from production to marketing and sales to editorial. She spends her spare time perfecting the pumpkin whoopie pie and exploring western Massachusetts with her family.​​


Mike Amundsen (Layer 7 Technologies)Mike Amundsen (Layer 7 Technologies) is an internationally known author and lecturer, and travels throughout the world consulting and speaking on a wide range of topics including distributed network architecture, Web application development, and other subjects. In his role of API architect at Layer 7, Amundsen heads up the API Architecture and Design Practice in North America. He is responsible for working with companies to provide insight on how best to capitalize on the myriad opportunities APIs present to both consumers and the enterprise.


Mike Hostetler (appendTo)Mike Hostetler (appendTo) is an inventor, entrepreneur, programmer and proud father. Having worked with web technologies since the mid 1990's, Mike has had extensive experience developing web applications with PHP and JavaScript. Currently, Mike works as the CEO of appendTo, LLC, the jQuery Company, based in Denver, Colorado. Heavily involved in Open Source, Mike is a member of the jQuery Core team, leads the QCubed PHP5 Framework project, and participates in the Drupal project. When not in front of a computer, Mike enjoys hiking, fly-fishing, snowboarding and spending time with his family.


Paul Irish (Google)Paul Irish (Google) is a front-end developer who loves the web. He is on Google Chrome's Developer Relations team as well as jQuery's. He develops the HTML5 Boilerplate, the HTML5/CSS3 feature detection library Modernizr, HTML5 Please, CSS3 Please, and other bits and bobs of open source code.


Roseanne Fallin (O'Reilly Media)Roseanne Fallin (O'Reilly Media) has been building web apps since 2000. She is currently a Web Applications Developer for O'Reilly Media, Inc working on all things conferences. When not coding, she does her best to get outdoors.


Scott Hanselman (Microsoft)Scott Hanselman (Microsoft) is a web developer who has been blogging at hanselman.com for over a decade. He works on Azure and ASP.NET for Microsoft out of his home office in Portland. Scott has three podcasts, http://hanselminutes.com for tech talk, thisdeveloperslife.com on developers' lives and loves, and ratchetandthegeek.com for pop culture and tech media. He's written a number of books and spoken in person to almost a half million developers worldwide.


Shelley Powers (Self-employed)Shelley Powers (Self-employed) has been working with, and writing about, web technologies - from the first release of JavaScript to the latest graphics and design tools - for more than 18 years. Her recent O'Reilly books have covered Node, the semantic web, Ajax, JavaScript, and web graphics. Her primary web site is atburningbird.nett


Wesley Hales (Shape Security)Wesley Hales (Shape Security) is a Software Developer at Shape Security. He currently spends his spare time working on two open source projects:  onslyde and loadreport.js. You can see him speak at the occasional conference, read his articles, or follow him on twitter @wesleyhales.


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