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Office Hours

Office Hours give you a chance to meet face-to-face in a small group setting with expert Fluent presenters. Discuss the speaker's area of expertise, give feedback about their sessions, or ask questions.

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Office Hours will take place in the Exhibit Hall.

    Location: Table A
    Lisa Larson-Kelley
    Average rating: *****
    (5.00, 1 rating)

    Lisa specializes in online video and media delivery, be it HTML5, Flash, or consumer products such as Skype and Prezi. Come by to talk about:

    • Real-time communication
    • WebRTC
    • Where we are today, and where we’re heading
    Location: Table B
    Patrick Mulder

    If you want to discuss more about building interfaces with 100% JavaScript drop by and chat with Patrick on these topics:

    • The role of JavaScript modules, such as CommonJS and AMD
    • Workflow automation with Grunt for building client-side applications
    • Tackling APIs with Restify, noBackend and NoSQL
    Location: Table C
    Scott Hanselman
    Average rating: *****
    (5.00, 1 rating)

    Scott is ready to talk to you about any topics that make you happy, from the developer’s life in general to specific technologies like:

    • Cloud Architecture
    • Javascript
    • Microsoft and Open Source
    Location: Table A
    Ilya Grigorik
    Average rating: *****
    (5.00, 1 rating)

    If you’re interested in making the web fast (and who isn’t?), stop by and talk to Ilya about these topics and others:

    • Strategies for improving web performance
    • Adopting web performance best practices
    Location: Table A
    Simon St.Laurent

    Simon is one of the Fluent conference chairs. He’s eager to talk to you about:

    • Anything related to the Web Platform—past, present, or future
    • What you’d like to see next from Fluent
    • Subjects you’d like to see O’Reilly cover
    Location: Table A
    Scott Murray

    Stop by to talk with Scott about data visualizations, user experience, and other interactive phenomena. Specifically, he’s ready to discuss:

    • Design considerations for data visualization
    • Workflows and processes for designing data interfaces
    • D3.js and Processing for data graphics
    Location: Table B
    Ariya Hidayat
    Average rating: *****
    (5.00, 1 rating)

    Ariya is available for a follow-up, discussion, and general Q&A for his session on Design Strategies for JavaScript API:

    • Using static polymorphism to ensure consistent naming
    • Preventing unnecessary and dangerous convenience (e.g. Boolean traps)
    • Avoiding unreadable code due to confusing semantics
    Location: Table A
    Raymond Camden
    Average rating: *****
    (5.00, 1 rating)

    Raymond is here to further discuss mobile debugging. Talk to him about:

    • IndexedDB, PhoneGap, and AngularJS
    • His experiences with learning Node
    • Anything else web-related you’ve got on your mind
    Location: Table B
    Jarrod Overson
    Average rating: *****
    (5.00, 1 rating)

    Jarrod’s is focusing on managing and visualizing JavaScript complexity and ever-enlarging codebases. He’s here to talk about:

    • JavaScript complexity metrics
    • JavaScript build tooling, code coverage, and unit testing
    • How to be effective as an AD Carry in League of Legends
    Location: Table A
    Kyle Simpson

    Optimizing tools and processes is a tricky business and Kyle is always ready to examine the matter. Come by and join the following discussions:

    • How do we define JS transformations that are inversible?
    • How can we parse non-standard JS code?
    • What can JS tools do to improve our experience of writing code?
    Location: Table B
    Matthew McCullough
    Average rating: *****
    (5.00, 1 rating)

    Do you have questions about using Git? Stumped by past experiences? Come talk to Matthew about Git, including:

    • Git at large companies and in the enterprise
    • Culture of distributed version control
    • Open-by-default positive impacts on teams
    Location: Table A
    Tony Parisi

    If you work (or play) with web graphics and 3D rendering, come by to talk to Tony about:

    • CSS 3D Transforms: tips, tricks and hacks
    • WebGL API questions and problems: performance, browser compatibility, mobile development
    • WebGL content pipeline, tools and application frameworks
    Location: Table A
    Eric Hamilton

    Join Eric for Q&A about his session on static types, loose types, and object extension. He’ll answer questions about:

    • Prototypal vs Classical Inheritance
    • The value of dynamic types
    • Other questions that arose from his talk
    Location: Table A
    Susan McGregor
    Average rating: ****.
    (4.00, 1 rating)

    This is your chance to talk with Susan about the details of Data Docs, the platform behind her talk. She’ll cover:

    • Specific examples of using Data Docs to incorporate text, visualizations and API data
    • Technical questions about the platform itself
    • Where video and web-based storytelling are headed
    Location: Table A
    Lara Hogan

    Lara is available to talk to you about web design and its contribution to performance, including:

    • Front-end performance basics, like markup and image optimization
    • Approaches to Responsive Web Design performance
    • Planning for and designing around performance priorities
    Location: Table B
    Aaron Frost Dave Geddes

    There’s JavaScript goodness, and then there’s the painful parts. Aaron and Dave are ready to talk about all of it, including:

    • AngularJS
    • Node.js
    • Keynote shenanigans
    Location: Table A
    Mike Amundsen

    Mike invites you to drop by to chat informally about Hypermedia APIs, and:

    • API Description and Discovery
    • API Documentation
    • Anything you want!
    Location: Table B
    Peter Cooper

    Peter is here to talk about Fluent and being a conference chair (bring him your comments and suggestions), as well as:

    • Publishing and e-mail newsletters
    • General programming chat
    • Front-end development generally, and SVG, RaphaelJS, and D3
    Location: Table A
    Jen Kramer

    Jen is ready to talk to field any of your questions that weren’t covered in her Bootstrap demonstration, including:

    • How Foundation compares to Bootstrap, and which might be better for your application
    • Should you be using a responsive design framework at all?
    • Anything else pertaining to Bootstrap, Foundation, or your projects
    Location: Table B
    Jen Simmons

    Drop by to have a chat with Jen. Nothing formal is planned, just bring your questions or come by to say hi. She’s happy to talk about:

    • HTML and her Fluent keynote
    • Topics from The Web Ahead
    • Careers in the web industry
    Location: Table A
    Matt DeBergalis

    You’ve heard about Meteor and now you want to try it out. Matt is here to talk with you about the following and anything else that’s on your mind:

    • Getting started with Meteor
    • How to get your pull request into the Meteor core and the 1.0 roadmap
    • The design of modern apps, including design patterns for large apps and scaling production apps
    Location: Table B
    Marc Grabanski

    If you’re interested in hearing more about what Scalable Vector Graphics can do today, then stop by and chat with Marc about these topics:

    • SVG: benefits of, scripting, transforms, embedding, and more
    • Front-end development in general
    • RaphaelJS and D3
    Location: Table A
    Wesley Hales

    Stop by and talk to Wesley about creating, running, and managing web apps in the real world. He’s ready to take on your questions about the following topics and others:

    • HTTP2, SPDY, and WebSockets
    • Real time frameworks and servers
    • WebRTC