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Moh Haghighat
Senior Principal Engineer, Intel


Mohammad Reza Haghighat is a Senior Principal Engineer at Intel focusing on innovation in the web technologies. Moh was the technical lead from Intel on the first JavaScript just-in-time compiler of the Firefox browser, released in 2008. He also led the development of the first parallel JavaScript JIT compiler and parallel browser layout-engine prototypes, both in the context of Firefox. More recently, Moh has been leading Intel’s joint work with Google & Mozilla on bringing high-performance SIMD programming to JavaScript. See more here.


Location: Salon 6
Moh Haghighat (Intel)
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We present some exciting results from Intel’s ongoing joint work with Google & Mozilla on bringing SIMD to JavaScript, enabling development of high performance web apps including game engines and apps that require efficient image/video/speech processing. We also cover the portable Crosswalk HTML5 runtime and Intel XDK that lowers the development costs of web and hybrid apps for major app stores. Read more.