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Estelle Weyl

Estelle Weyl
Open Web Evangelist, Instart Logic

Website | @estellevw

Estelle Weyl started her professional life in architecture and then managed teen health programs. In 2000, Estelle took the natural step of becoming a web standardista. She is the Open Web and performance evangelist for Instart Logic and has consulted for Kodak Gallery, SurveyMonkey, Samsung, Yahoo, Visa, and Apple, among others. Estelle shares esoteric tidbits learned while programming and detailed grids of CSS3 and HTML5 browser support in her blog. She is a coauthor of Mobile HTML5, CSS3: The Definitive Guide, and HTML5 and CSS3 for the Real World. While not coding, Estelle works in construction, dehippifying her 1960s throwback abode.


HTML5, CSS3, and Browser Tech
Location: Salon 9
Estelle Weyl (Instart Logic)
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HTML forms have been the bane of web developers for years. Not anymore! With HTML5 you may learn to love forms. Browsers now enable you to provide users with rich date GUIs, validate forms and provide validation feedback without JavaScript. JavaScript-free placeholder text, pattern matching, required fields, auto focus, error handling is now a reality. Read more.