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Brian Lonsdorf

Brian Lonsdorf
CTO, loop/recur

Website | @drboolean

Brian Lonsdorf is CTO of looprecur, the CTO of looprecur. He speaks of programming functionally frequently at conferences and meetups around the bay area. He’s the last one you want at your hack night, although it’s entirely reasonable to assume he’ll show up to break your code and drink your beverages.


Brian Lonsdorf (loop/recur)
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Abstractions in FP can be daunting if you're not familiar with set theory or lambda calculus or category theory & all that. I'm certainly not. I'll translate some of the most important functional patterns & interfaces in JS directed towards us object orienters who may not have majored in math. You'll leave with a killer toolset and you'll weep at the beauty...if you have a heart. Read more.