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Spike Brehm
Software Engineer, Airbnb

Website | @spikebrehm

Spike Brehm is a Sofware Engineer specializing in rich-client JavaScript apps at Airbnb. In over a decade of experience with JavaScript, he has seen its role on the web morph from novelty to basic building block.

He’s currently prototyping the next generation of Airbnb’s front end stack, and is busy open-sourcing Rendr: a library for building web applications that run on both sides of the wire, fetching data and rendering views on client and server, built on Backbone.js and Node.js.


Front End Libraries, Node.js, The Leading Edge
Location: Salon 9 Level: Advanced
Spike Brehm (Airbnb)
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While the client-side JavaScript app approach can provide snappy, interactive UIs, it presents challenges, including initial page-load performance, SEO, and duplication of application logic between client and server. Let's explore the budding community around isomorphic JavaScript apps and the tools and libraries you can use to run your app on the client and server with a single codebase. Read more.