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Ben Newman

Ben Newman
Engineer, Meteor Development Group

Website | @benjamn

A common thread that runs through my history of employment at Meebo, Apture, Mozilla, Quora, and Facebook is a passion for exploring the limits of dynamic languages. Many of my most recent projects at Facebook have involved large-scale automatic code transformation that would be difficult or impossible without the tool chain that I’ve developed. I’m especially excited about the future of JavaScript and how we might bring about that future as quickly as possible.


Node.js, Pure Code and JavaScript, The Leading Edge
Location: Salon 10 Level: Intermediate
Ben Newman (Meteor Development Group)
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At Facebook we take the future of JavaScript seriously, and we go to great lengths to accelerate the adoption of new language features both within the company and without. Join us for a close look at some of our techniques for transpiling, desugaring, refactoring, and otherwise improving a very large JavaScript codebase. Read more.