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Andreas Bovens
Product Manager Extensions + Dev Relations Lead, Opera Software

Website | @andreasbovens

Andreas started at Opera Software’s Tokyo office as a QA engineer and web evangelist, and then led and built up Opera’s developer relations team from Oslo. Since last year, he is also product manager for Opera extensions, and he’s been busy rebuilding Opera’s extension ecosystem after its recent switch to a Chromium-based engine.


HTML5, CSS3, and Browser Tech, Mobile, The Leading Edge
Location: Salon 9 Level: Intermediate
Andreas Bovens (Opera Software)
Average rating: ****.
(4.25, 12 ratings)
In this talk, I will look at two of the technologies that lie at the basis of responsive web design: the viewport meta tag and CSS media queries. I will explain how viewport is being standardized as @viewport, and how many other new features in CSS, such as the resolution media query, object-fit, relative length units etc., can be used to create even more compelling responsive designs. Read more.