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Brian Holt

Brian Holt
Senior Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft


Brian Holt is presently the director of redditgifts front-end development at reddit, a job he got in large part due to his participation in Fluent last year. He’s in love with his job and the opportunity to use the latest and greatest technologies.

Brian currently lives in Salt Lake City, UT. When not in front of the keyboard, Brian enjoys skiing, mountain biking, trail running, and spending time with wife Nikki and puppy Luna.


Front End Libraries
Location: Salon 8 Level: Intermediate
Brian Holt (Microsoft)
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90-Minutes: Choosing an MVC framework for you next project is a daunting task; there are so many options with fervent supporters that it seems there is no one exclusively right path. This workshop won't be a pitch for any one of them: it aims to give you context for each of the three frameworks so that you can make your own informed decision when you look to choose the framework right for your... Read more.