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Matt DeBergalis

Matt DeBergalis
Meteor, Meteor

Website | @DeBergalis

Matt is an original author of Meteor and founder of the Meteor Development Group. Before founding Meteor, Matt DeBergalis authored ActBlue, the
world’s largest political fundraising platform, raising a quarter of a
billion dollars. Before that, Matt was a kernel hacker: some of his
technical credits include the NeXT port of NetBSD and work on the
NFSv4 and DAFS specifications while at Network Appliance.


Front End Libraries, The Server Side, Tools, Platforms, and APIs
Location: Salon 8 Level: Intermediate
Matt DeBergalis (Meteor)
Average rating: *****
(5.00, 12 ratings)
Meteor is a distribution of open-source packages that makes it radically faster to build modern apps. All the parts are there: a reactive template engine, powerful data synchronization primitives, a standard wire protocol, and a database API that works the same on both the client and the server. This talk will demonstrate making an app from scratch, showing how it all fits together. Read more.
Office Hours
Location: Table A
Matt DeBergalis (Meteor)
So, you’ve heard about Meteor and want to try it out. Matt’s here to help you get started, including how to get your pull request into the Meteor core. He’ll also talk with you about the design of modern apps, such as design patterns for large apps and scaling production apps. Read more.