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Wesley Hales

Wesley Hales
Software Developer, tCell

Website | @wesleyhales

Wesley Hales has been developing software and web applications since the early 90’s. He’s an O’Reilly book author and the creator of a few well known open source projects that have been used by developers and organizations around the globe. He currently heads up the technical selling efforts of early to mid stage startups and occasionally writes a random blog post on


Office Hours
Location: Table A
Wesley Hales (tCell)
Stop by and talk to Wesley about creating, running, and managing web apps in the real world. He’ll answer your questions about HTTP2, SPDY, and WebSockets, real-time frameworks and servers, and WebRTC. Read more.
Mobile, Pure Code and JavaScript, The Leading Edge, The Server Side
Location: Salon 14 Level: Intermediate
Wesley Hales (tCell)
Average rating: ****.
(4.00, 2 ratings)
This is not another session using Node and Socketio to demonstrate sending an receiving real time data. This presentation will cover what it takes to stand up production ready WebSocket clients and how to manage and gracefully degrade for non-supporting browsers. Read more.