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Building Customer Applications Using the Salesforce1 Platform APIs

Wade Wegner (
Location: Salon 5
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Salesforce1 is a new platform, complete with a host of new APIs and mobile UI tools, pulling together the best of, Heroku, and ExactTarget Fuel. Designed for scale, it provides open APIs for extensibility and integration as well as powerful developer tools; there’s no limit to what developers can build. Salesforce1 represents the API-first mentality at every action, interface, and new feature is built on with a public API that developers can use to build amazing customer centric applications.

Join Wade Wegner, Senior Director of Platform Architecture at, as he demonstrates how to build your own applications using the Salesforce1 APIs. Heavy in code, light in slides, you’ll leave this talk ready to build your own applications on Salesforce1.

This session is sponsored by SalesForce

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Wade Wegner

Wade Wegner is a Senior Director of Platform Architecture at Salesforce and Heroku. Wade was formerly a member of Windows Azure team at Microsoft and CTO at Aditi Technologies.