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FluentConf Survivor Challenge

Location: Salon 6
Average rating: *****
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FluentConf Survivor Challenge

The FluentConf Survivor Challenge will take the best coders at Fluent and allow them to compete for prizes, fame, and glory. Much like the challenges in the popular TV show Survivor, FluentConf Survivor will be a three round coding challenge. Each round will be progressively harder. The first three people done with the final round will be declared the winners, and their names will go down in history.

This competition is based on the Twilio API, and Digital Ocean’s cloud platform. Participants will get free Twilio and Digital Ocean credits so that it doesn’t cost anything to compete.

If you’re ready to put your coding skills to the test, sign up to play FluentConf Survivor . You’ll also need to make sure you have the following installed on your laptop:

  • node.js
  • git
  • tugboat (CLI for Digital Ocean)

If you don’t want to participate in the game, you can still come watch the event. As an added bonus you’ll learn how to make/receive SMS and phone calls using the Twilio API and see how easy it is to deploy your code to a Digital Ocean droplet.

The FluentConf Survivor Challenge is organized by Aaron Frost and Dave Geddes.