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Office Hour with Susan E. McGregor (Columbia University)

Susan McGregor (Columbia University)
Office Hours
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This is your chance to talk with Susan about the details of Data Docs, the platform behind her talk. She’ll cover:

  • Specific examples of using Data Docs to incorporate text, visualizations and API data
  • Technical questions about the platform itself
  • Where video and web-based storytelling are headed
Photo of Susan McGregor

Susan McGregor

Columbia University

As a faculty member and Assistant Director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia Journalism School, Susan specializes in areas of data journalism and information visualization, drawing on her several years’ experience as the Senior Programmer on the Online News Graphics team at the Wall Street Journal. Her work on the Data Docs web platform is supported by the Knight Foundation Prototype Fund. Her current academic research focuses on digital security and privacy issues for journalists, including work on Dispatch, a mobile app for secure, authenticated, anonymous mobile reporting.