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Speed and Magic Sharding

Jesse Noller (Rackspace)
Location: Salon 6

So you¹ve done everything you can to optimize the client-side of your
application; but you need more speed, more resiliency. You need fast
server-side storage and networking, SSDs built in and the flexibility to add new nodes to your system instantly from within your application.Using pkgcloud, the new Rackspace performance cloud servers (up to 300%faster), and a dash of the ObjectRocket auto sharded and highly redundant MongoDB as an application developer – you don¹t need to worry about the server side anymore. We¹ll take a quick look at benchmarks and tooling that can help make your architecture faster, more scalable and less worrisome.

This session is sponsored by Rackspace

Photo of Jesse Noller

Jesse Noller


Jesse Noller is a long time Python community member, developer and has contributed to everything from distributed systems to front-end interfaces. He’s passionate about community, developer experience and empowering developers everywhere, in any language to build amazing applications. He currently works for Rackspace as a Developer Advocate and open source contributor.