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Measuring App Performance in the Browser

Nathan Taggart (New Relic, Inc)
Location: Salon 5
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During this session discover the ways you can impact the application performance for your end user – pin pointing time spent within layers of the application, and end user demographics through geography, browser types, and page views. In addition to the application visibility we will be showing you how to dive into the time being spent within AJAX as well as the impact of JavaScript errors and how you can spot these problems before they affect your end users.

This session is sponsored by New Relic

Nathan Taggart

New Relic, Inc

Nathan Taggart is the Product Manager at New Relic responsible for JavaScript Browser Monitoring, PHP, and Python. He’s a little obsessive about building products that solve problems for developers. Prior to New Relic, Nathan founded and ran two web agency companies where he learned the hard way from a few too many performance issues.