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Creating A Role You Want When It Doesn't Exist

My company is a research/advisory company to Fortune 500 organizations. They had zero experience successfully launching enterprise software and brought me on the pilot team to bring this new business model to life. We were basically a startup inside a bigger company and we floundered with everything product-related quite frequently.

On my journey towards product improvement, I realized there were lots of gaps in our company thinking about tech products. As a little cog in giant machine, I found scrappy ways to create a new role and gain street cred on my team

1)I figured out a way to move from DC to San Francisco and immerse myself in all things tech-related
2)I created allies on different teams to work on secret projects
3)I was blunt and honest with my thoughts on product improvement – and people listened!
4)4) I became my team expert on what I thought was most valuable, started delivering projects and pushed momentum forward

Essentially, I designed a role I wanted, became an authority in the area through lots of self study, meetup groups and investing in classes and workshops outside the company resources and got loud and proud about my ideas at every meeting. I won the respect and endorsement of my team and helped improve our product.