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Automated Web Testing -- Learn from the movie "Elysium"

Automation, is the most magical word in this industry. Thousands of engineers are focus on this and trying to make lives better.

Automated testing helps engineers to verify functions, prevent bugs even monitor services automatically. But developing a good automated testing script maybe harder than developing original products.

However, in the large internet company, we always reuses modules and APIs to compose new products and new web pages. Develop testing scripts for every products and web pages is almost the mission impossible. Automated testing becomes one of solutions of quality insurance.

When I was focusing in automated testing, Elysium was also in the theater.
Elysium is a man-made space station in the year 2154. People in Elysium have wealthy live but the rest of population resides on a ruined earth. By my observation, the worthy product between Elysium and the Earth is the medical bed.

Medical bed is the most worthy product between Elyisum and the Earth. Once a Elysium resident lie on the bed, it will start to scan body automatically and then cure diseases/hurts/illnesses it found automatically. But this bed can’t serve people from earth.

This bed is not hard for people to image but it really hard to make by current technology. What’s the hardest part? I thinks it’s how to make the bed has medical knowledges of diseases diagnosis and abilities of diseases curing.

And I looked back to automated testing. Why it’s hard? Because It needs:

  • well programming skills, and
  • extensive testing knowledge and experience

Thus, I decided to build a medical bed for automated web testing. I start to analyze testing knowledge and trying to convert them to lots of conditions and reusable templates. And base of these to generate test scripts automatically.

Now, we have a tool inside Yahoo. I can use it to scan the page and it will help to recommend test cases for me. And then I can easy to select and generate automated testing script. Then, we also develop a serve to store scripts and it will run testings automatically.