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*Thursday, March 6 – Wednesday, March 12

Location: various venues*

JSFest is a a series of events in San Francisco presented by the JavaScript Community. Events include:

  • KnodeCamp (Thursday, March 6) – Knode is a project started by members of PDXNode and CascadiaJS to encourage and support in-person community events around the world. If you’re interested in making the community experience better for new people through events and education please come and participate.
  • DHTMLConf (Friday, March 7) – Conference like it’s 1999. Speakers will teach you all the latest HTML 2.0 technologies like how to responsibly use spacer gifs. Dreamweaver 1.0 demo.
  • NodeBaseCamp (Friday, March 7) – Unconference for the growing node.js database community.
  • WebRTCCamp (Saturday, March 8) – Unconference for the latest in peer-to-peer web technologies.
  • Main Event: Evolution of Experience (Sunday, March 8) – As the user experience of the web has evolved so too has the experience of developing for it. We write applications faster, for more screen sizes and devices, and with better tools than ever before. Learn about the latest tools and the range of experiences people have created with them.
  • Main Event: Scaling Up and Down (Monday, March 9) – Can the tools we use to build a new website in half a day also help us add features to an established application that deploys to millions? Find out what people are doing to start fast and scale big from the front-end to the back-end.

To see the complete list of events and learn more, please visit