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Using BladeRunnerJS to build front-end JavaScript apps that scale

Phil Leggetter (Caplin Systems Ltd)
Location: Salon 5
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Developing large apps is difficult. Ensuring that code is consistent, well structured, tested and has an architecture that encourages enhancement and maintainability is essential. When it comes to building large server-focused apps the solutions to this problem have been tried and tested. But, how do you achieve this when building HTML5 single page apps?

BladeRunnerJS is an open source developer toolkit and lightweight front-end framework that has helped Caplin Systems ensure that a 200k LoC JavaScript codebase hasn’t become a tangled mess of unstable spaghetti code. This codebase is packaged and delivered to customers as an SDK. Additionally customers receive a getting started application of around 50k LoC for them to build upon, and they’re expected not to turn that into a tangled … you get the idea.

In this talk you’ll learn the main concepts to apply when building a front-end app that scales and how BladeRunnerJS can support the development process.

This session is sponsored by BladeRunnerJS

Phil Leggetter

Caplin Systems Ltd

Phil @leggetter is a Developer Evangelist at Caplin Systems where he’s leading the project to open source BladeRunnerJS. He’s the co-author of Realtime Web Apps and writes articles for Smashing Magazine, .net magazine, Programmable Web, on his own blog and anywhere else he gets an opportunity to create content. Phil’s passions include developer experience, customer service and helping people realise the benefits of realtime web technologies when building the next generation of interactive and engaging web apps.