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The Journey of Learning Language

The content for the first 3 to 5 slides:

I once went on a very long journey. It started out as your classic around the world trip in 1 year. I bought the classic one way around the world ticket with multiple stops and went around the world. So far everything was going to plan.

At that point, things went awry. I was back in London and my brother told me he was going surfing in Mexico for a month, would I like to come. Mexico lead me to Panama where I met some guys with a boat and that took me on a journey to Australia and I had accidentally gone round the world again and three and a half years had passed since I started this innocent once-around-the-world journey.

I had some objectives on my travels. One of those was to learn how to speak some new languages. I can order breakfast in Spanish, lunch in Portuguese, dinner in German, and ask a girl for a kiss in Tahitian at a bar later that evening. I only had to be slapped once to stop me using that phrase.