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Inside JavaScript Execution

Chase Douglas (Stackery)
Front End Libraries, Node.js, Pure Code and JavaScript
Location: Salon 9 Level: Advanced
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(3.00, 14 ratings)

You’re a hotshot JavaScript developer. When people have JavaScript questions, they come to you to find answers. Your knowledge of prototypal inheritance is second-to-none. But, do you know what actually happens when your code hits the JavaScript runtime? How does the runtime store your arrays and objects in memory? You’ve heard about the JavaScript engine wars, but what are the battles being fought over?

This talk will be all about how computers execute JavaScript. Along the way, you may learn some tips and tricks that can help improve the performance of your code. Perhaps it will increase your confidence in running JavaScript on the backend. No matter what, attendees will learn a dozen new things they didn’t already know about JavaScript execution, and will leave with a dozen new questions about the language of the web!

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Chase Douglas


Chase Douglas is a JavaScript engineer at New Relic. He spends his days trying to figure out how to safely get information from your end-users’ browsers to help you fix bugs in and improve the performance of your website. Chase is a polyglot who started as an embedded systems engineer at IBM, developed the multitouch and gesture framework for Ubuntu while at Canonical, and now finds himself at the very top of the software ecosystem playing with JavaScript.