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Lunch / Birds of a Feather (BoF) Sessions

Location: 2nd Floor Atrium / Golden Gate Ballroom

Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions are an informal way to connect like-minded people. BoFs can be organized around individual projects or broader topics such as best practices, standards, tools, etc. BoFs are entirely up to you! You can choose to lead a BoF conversation or join a BoF table.

Lunchtime BoFs will happen on Wednesday, March 12 in the Golden Gate Ballrooms. Sign up to lead a session on the board across from Registration, near Salon 10.

Wednesday BoF tables include:

  • BoF Table #1: Enterprise B2B Development “Teaching Corp. Devs New Tricks”
  • BoF Table #2: IE – The Browser You Love to Hate
  • BoF Table #3: Academic Institutions
  • BoF Table #4: Hyper Media Hateous
  • BoF Table #5: Composable UI – Widget Foo (Riot Games)
  • BoF Table #6: Live Broadcast A/V using NodeJS, RTC1.0, WebRTC
  • BoF Table #7: Teaching Programming for the Web in Academic/Non-academic settings @al_the_x