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Ignite Fluent

Location: Salon 10
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If you had five minutes on stage what would you say? Would you talk about your latest passion? Describe the trip of a lifetime? Teach a hack? We’ll find out at in this high-energy, fast-paced, technology show-and-tell. Any topic is fair game as long as it’s interesting, from technology to culture to business to science fiction. Speakers are limited to 20 slides, which automatically advance after 15 seconds—that’s the fun of Ignite!

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Ignite Fluent 2014 Presentations

  • The Learning Conundrum (Rey Bango) – The fast pace of Internet software development has put us all on a hamster wheel of learning and made staying relevant way more difficult than ever before. New tools and processes are great but things evolve so quickly that we get no time to take them in. What’s causing it and how do we stay on top of our game?
  • The Big Shift from Web Pages to RESTful Apps (Bill Appleton) – Mobile devices are leading to a major disruption at the client and on the server side as well. Traditional HTML page generation technologies are not well suited for mobile, and developers are quickly adopting REST APIs to meet the challenge. This shift will reduce the importance of web pages and application servers in favor of smart applications that consume RESTful services.
  • Creating A Role You Want When It Doesn’t Exist (Lalitha Chandrasekher) – I’m at non-tech company with a tech product. I realized we were functioning with Stone-Age mentality when it came to all things product related. I began a journey to educate myself and my team on lean user experience and product design and in the process created roles and thought processes that never existed before at my company.
  • Automated Web Testing — Learn from the movie Elysium (Kenny Peng) – Automated testing helps engineers to verify functions, prevent bugs even monitor services automatically. But developing a good testing script needs not only programming skill but testing knowledge. The medical bed in the movie “Elysium” can automatically to detect and cure diseases. I extend this idea to build a tool which can save knowledge and generate testing script automatically.
  • Escaping Impostor Syndrome (Roseanne Fallin) – I’ll go over symptoms of Impostor Syndrome—what causes it, how it pushes the gender gap, and what we can do to minimize it to increase diversity in tech environments.
  • Harry Potter and the Magic of Global Culture (Sara Robinson) – I’ll explain how the Internet, along with a few other factors, played a primary role in the international spread and success of the Harry Potter phenomenon. My honors thesis analyzed the key factors contributing to the worldwide success of the Harry Potter series, and this lightning talk will highlight my findings.
  • Learn Something New Every Day (Liam Morley) – In 2013, I resolved to really learn something new every day, and catalog those 365 things. This talk includes some of the high points of what I learned over the course of the year, and what I learned about learning itself.
  • Why we should be raising disruptive children (Megan Jones) – We should be raising disruptive children, not rule and order based ones. When our economy was manufacturing and agriculturally based teaching kids to line up and fill in blanks made sense. The world today doesn’t offer easy answers and the ability to keep learning and innovate now matter most. Our schools need to begin teaching 21st century skills based on a new definition of literacy.

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Picture of Craig Palmer
Craig Palmer
04/21/2014 7:59am PDT

The titles are now linked to the respective YouTube video.

Virginia Wang
03/12/2014 3:40am PDT

Thanks so much, Allison!

Picture of Allison Gillespie
Allison Gillespie
03/12/2014 1:23am PDT

@Virginia – yes we should have the Ignite video available later this afternoon

Virginia Wang
03/11/2014 6:43pm PDT

Any chance the talks will be posted later for those of us who couldn’t make it? Many thanks! :)