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Roll Your Own Multiplayer Game Console with Node, Socket.IO, and Common Handheld Devices

Kent Brewster (Pinterest)
HTML5 Gaming, HTML5, CSS3, and Browser Tech, Node.js, Pure Code and JavaScript
Location: Salon 8 Level: Beginner Developer
Average rating: ****.
(4.50, 2 ratings)

There’s a huge need for diversity in the console gaming ecosystem. While dedicated systems like the Occulus Rift is amazing, casual beginners and busy hobbyists need something that runs on hardware they already have around the house.

In this talk I’ll show you how I built a many-player game framework using node.js,, a laptop, and a bunch of handheld devices, all in 24 hours.

By the time Fluent rolls around I expect that the framework will be quite a bit more mature; look for a proper GitHub repo and instantly-downloadable games.

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Kent Brewster


You may already be running some of Kent Brewster’s difficult-to-detect JavaScript, which powers portions of Yahoo’s Pipes badges, Netflix’s widgets, the badge, Lexity’s store instrumentation, and Pinterest’s bookmarklet and Pin It! button.