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Manipulating Space-Time Fabric by Rewriting Javascript AST

Nate Murray (
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Thinking procedurally is one of the hardest concepts to grasp for the beginning programmer. “Live-coding” environments show the result of code, but not the steps taken to get there.

We recently wrote a toolkit called Choc which is different from other “live-coding” environments in that each step of the execution is controlled by the learner.

By showing the flow of a program explicitly we can build new intellectual structures for thinking about how procedures execute.

In this talk, we’ll dig deep into the implementation of Choc and see how to

- use esprima to parse the javascript AST
- rewrite code to control execution in time
- use wisp, a javascript lisp, to generate human-readable descriptions of code
- generate rich visualizations of the execution flow
- edit (and see) all frames of a visualization simultaneously

By controlling time in javascript execution, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a browser-based teaching tool. By using this new breed of javascript libraries, we can create new tools for thinking powerful thoughts.

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Nate Murray

Nate Murray is the co-founder of and formerly the head of platform at IFTTT. He loves APIs and beekeeping. He’s interested in how we learn and effective ways to teach others.