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WebCL: A Secure Solution for Accelerating Web Applications

Tasneem Brutch (Samsung Research America - Silicon Valley), Steven Eliuk (Samsung Research America)
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WebCL API defines a secure JavaScript binding, to enable accel- eration of web-based applications. It was designed from the beginning with security as a primary requirement. In addition to ensuring that WebCL met the security requirements of the browsers, the WebCL Working Group strived to define an end-to-end secure API, to ensure robustness and security at every layer, from the OpenCL driver and runtime, to the WebCL JavaScript bindings.
The two main security threats identified were as follows: • Out of bounds memory accesses
• Denial of Service (DoS) resulting from long running kernels.
WebCL strives to provide layered security. At the OpenCL layer, two security extensions are in place to provide protections against memory leakage and DoS. The OpenCL Memory Initialization Ex- tension prevents unauthorized memory access between applications. Context Termination OpenCL extension allows applications (includ- ing browsers) to terminate a context with a rogue or improperly writ- ten long running kernel. The ability to terminate a context would allow applications to prevent a rogue kernel from disproportionately consuming system resources, which may potentially result in impact- ing system responsiveness.
WebCL Validator open source project was initiated to provide pro- tections against Out Of Bounds (OOB) memory accesses, through instrumentation, analysis and validation of WebCL kernels.
• Our presentation will cover the following aspects of the WebCL effort:
• WebCL Overview: Motivation, Standardization, Status and roadmap
• WebCL API: Security threats, requirements and provisions
• OpenCL Security Extensions: Memory Initialization and Con- text Termination
• WebCL Kernel Validator: Design and implementation of protec- tions to prevent out of bounds memory access and information leakage
• WebCL use cases and demos
• Questions and answers

Tasneem Brutch

Samsung Research America - Silicon Valley

Dr. Tasneem G. Brutch
Advanced Software Platforms Lab
Samsung Research America – Silicon Valley
Samsung Electronics

Steven Eliuk

Samsung Research America

Dr. Steven N. Eliuk
Advanced Software Platforms Lab
Samsung Research America – Silicon Valley
Samsung Electronics