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Reusable Libraries for Hypermedia Clients

Mike Amundsen (, Inc.)
Front End Libraries, Tools, Platforms, and APIs
Location: Salon 14 Level: Intermediate
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What if you could create an app using an existing library that already understood a hypermedia format? What if you didn’t need to sweat low-level protocol details and could focus on the UI and the object model supplied by the server? What if this was all done via a standardized hypermedia API that could automatically adjust in small ways over time without requiring new client code or redeployment? What is the same library worked with multiple servers? Multiple APIs?

Based material from the new book “RESTful Web APIs”, this talk walks you through the creation of a great UI for a Collection+JSON media type API and then shows how minor changes on the server are automatically handled by the client without rewrites or redeploys. The same library can even used for different APIs with the same smooth results.

Reusable libraries for hypermedia clients is a reality.

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Mike Amundsen, Inc.

Mike Amundsen is Layer 7’s Principal API Architect. An internationally known author and lecturer, Mike Amundsen travels throughout the United States and Europe consulting and speaking on a wide range of topics including distributed network architecture, Web application development, Cloud computing, and other subjects. His recent work focuses on the role hypermedia plays in creating and maintaining applications that can successfully evolve over time. He has more than a dozen books to his credit. His most recent book is “RESTful Web APIs” w/ Leonard Richardson. His book “Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node” is an oft-cited reference on creating Hypermedia-based APIs. Mike enjoys spending time with his family in Kentucky, USA.