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Leveling Up in Angular

Alicia Liu (
Front End Libraries
Location: Salon 9 Level: Intermediate
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Angular is a wonderful JavaScript framework to get up and running with. You are writing less code, and things just work like magic. However, as your app becomes more complex and as you start porting over functionality from existing JavaScript, you need a sound architecture to contain all the pieces. This presentation helps to fill the gap between the demo app and the complexities encountered in developing a real-world app.

There are many ways to accomplish something in Angular, and when I started using Angular to build the web version of the Lift app (which was iPhone only up until then), I went through various iterations trying out different patterns and strategies. This presentation will cover architecture choices that worked best, i.e. the “Angular Way”, but also patterns that didn’t work as well and why I refactored these.

Outline of topics:

- Encapsulating logic in services
- Dealing with asynchronous data
- Creating reusable components with directives
- Incorporating existing jQuery widgets

Alicia Liu

Alicia is a web and mobile developer, who has been building cross-browser websites and apps since IE5.5. Alicia has been a two-time founder, and is currently a full stack web engineer at Lift, where she builds the responsive web version of the Lift app.